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What Are You Listening To? - didgeridoo - 06-06-2011

Olivier Messiaen: Petites esquisses d'oiseaux/Catalogue d'oiseaux


Well, this time of year I hear birds singing here and there, but it's still not enough for me, it seems. By the way, cover is probably from some other release, and, to be exact, I listen to Petites performed by Roger Muraro. I find it strange that some folks don't like his version, because Messiaen himself was impressed with it. I haven't heard Petites esquisses d'oiseaux for a while, though, and can't compare. If someone knows a better interpreter of Messiaen's piano works - let me know.

What Are You Listening To? - Tiggi - 06-06-2011

^ That's not a work I'm familiar with Didge...

At some stage in the future, I might well investigate further.

What Are You Listening To? - jacket250 - 12-06-2011



What Are You Listening To? - Tiggi - 03-07-2011

[Image: 51VJNA898fL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

i-Pod listening this PM in the garden.

Austrian Modern Classical composer Schoenberg is famous for introducing the world to the 12-tone atonal mode of composing.

This is at odds with most orchestral music, and certainly isn't easy going. It can be a jarring experience, but isn't without its' rewards if you choose to persevere. It definitely isn't beautiful music !!

AllMusic doesn't score Classical works.

What Are You Listening To? - Tiggi - 31-07-2011

[Image: 0028941711625d_medium.jpg]

i-Pod listening in the garden this PM.

A Piano performance, whereas these pieces were probably written for Harpsichord.

Starts off with the opening theme, and then proceeds to mutate via key changes, melodic variation, tempo changes, or any combination of the three, for in excess of an hour, before returning to a modified recapitulaion of the opening theme.

Stunningly beautiful.

AllMusic doesn't score Classical releases.

What Are You Listening To? - NastyBudes - 31-07-2011

A. Vivaldi - winter

What Are You Listening To? - SteveO - 02-08-2011

[Image: 300px-Shiraz_40.jpg]

Karlheinz Stockhausen - HYMNEN......influenced John Lennon

What Are You Listening To? - Tiggi - 03-09-2011

[Image: 516NvUOKXzL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

i-Pod listening in the garden this AM.

My Italian's not great, but Erotic Madrigals seems to be the thing...

Nothing here stirred my loins, but it is a beautiful collection of Madrigals from the late Rennaissance/early Baroque period.

Mostly unaccompanied small-ensemble choral pieces. A couple of pieces have accompaniment from a single Lute (?!), or Organ.

Lovely stuff.

Allmusic don't score Classical works.

What Are You Listening To? - Tiggi - 25-09-2011

[Image: 41W7Q64K58L._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

i-Pod listening in the garden this PM.

Fugues are an exercise in Counterpoint, with the composer in a straight-jacket.

A melodic theme is woven with the same theme running slowly, quickly, backwards, forwards, or inverted, or any combination of these. The difficulty for the composer is to create something which fulfills the task, but is actually of merit. JSB was a master at this.

The result is usually quite stately, although some of the slower pieces are serenely beautiful. Most of these pieces will have been composed for keyboard, and there are solo renditions on Organ, & Harpsichord, mixed with transcriptions for Chamber Orchestra.

A lovely couple of discs...

AllMusic doesn't score Orchestral works.

What Are You Listening To? - gryphon - 25-09-2011

^^^Sounds fascinating! Can you post any from youtube ??? Erotic Madrigals!!!!!!!!!!