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RE: What Are You Listening To? - Ruby - 20-05-2021

Ric Sanders - Still Waters

[Image: R-5607979-1501123404-7668.jpeg.jpg]

I listened to something he and Gordon Giltrap had played together and then went and found some of his solo stuff, which is what this is, even although half of Fairport Convention appears on the album - he played with them for some time. A very able violinist, he's also appeared on dozens of albums of other artists, not least Jethro Tull's Crest of a Knave - on "Budapest". Loved the cover art which is primarily why I chose this one. It's not really folk and also not rock - someone called these instrumental ballads which is a good description. An enjoyable listen for me but may not be everyone's cup of tea. 

RE: What Are You Listening To? - JeromeD - 17-07-2021

Rodrigo - Concierto de Aranjuez (Adagio) - perfect early morning music.

RE: What Are You Listening To? - CRAZY-HORSE - 02-09-2021

[Image: 220px-Signing_Off.jpg]

UB40  "signing off"  vinyl/cd 1980

i guess Reggae is 'world music'???
was a big fan of the UK reggae and ska back in the day.
grew tiresome of the genre by the late 1980s and left it in the rear view mirror...
their debut of 20...
i own the first five and a compilation...
this is real reggae, or as close to real reggae without all the commercialism that followed later...
excellent collection of tracks here, their best album for sure.
solid album IMO and still stands up well after some 40+ years, 

the single:

RE: What Are You Listening To? - JeromeD - 02-09-2021

Agree with you CH. Their best album by far.

RE: What Are You Listening To? - CRAZY-HORSE - 03-09-2021

and just because i enjoyed the debut album so much yesterday i thought i would listen to the follow-up album today:

[Image: 220px-PresentarmsCover..jpg]

UB40  "present arms"  cd/vinyl  1981

their second and still sits firmly in the reggae genre...
not as good as the debut but still a solid collection of songs IMO

the title track:

RE: What Are You Listening To? - CRAZY-HORSE - 06-10-2021

[Image: 220px-TheCatEmpire_album.jpeg]

CAT EMPIRE "the cat empire"  cd, 2003

Aussie band, more 'world music' than 'alt' but both would fit....
debut album of eight...
think reggae/ska,pop,rock,rap, greek, spanish, mexican, samba, flamenco..would you also like salsa with that?...
great album that doesnt sit still in one genre as it boards an 'around the world' flight...

their debut single

RE: What Are You Listening To? - Ruby - 15-11-2021

Some call them Chamber Jazz, some Modern Classical - I dunno. What I DO know is that I love listening to these guys - and girls! Wonderful music.

Penguin Café - I've had The Imperfect Sea on repeat over a couple of days (not incessantly, but when there's been the time to hear and absorb it) and it's brilliant IMHO. Difficult to describe other than as instrumental, engaging, I guess Chamber Jazz is close - they do what I really like which is to paint scenery, and scenarios with their music. I have yet to purchase Handfuls of Night, which I will do - listening to that one on Spotify. Wrote a whole lot about it here, which I won't repeat - .

My opinion of the album stands, and to my surprise (at my own consistency, lol!) I'd probably have chosen the same track to link, but I think I'll go with something different - just listen to that incredible double bass ... and the cello - OMG - stringed things ... 

RE: What Are You Listening To? - JeromeD - 01-12-2021

Must get this album - marvellous stuff.

RE: What Are You Listening To? - CRAZY-HORSE - 29-01-2022

[Image: 51ZFskduZ7L._AC_UL320_.jpg]

THE BEAT aka ENGLISH BEAT  "you just cant beat it: the best of" cd, 2008

UK ska band...
late 70s-80s...
used to really like these guys but time has not fared well for them IMO...
this double cd 40 track set was a huge disappointment, maybe it was the length with filler or maybe they aint what they used to be...
very little spark in the music like Specials and early Madness for me, more like UB40 with little to offer me...
as i said, a huge disappointment considering they were one of my go to bands back when i was in my early teens...
sad when my two favourites were both covers, Andy Williams' "cant get used to losing you" and Smokey's "tears of a clown"

lets go for this one:

RE: What Are You Listening To? - CRAZY-HORSE - 05-03-2022

[Image: 220px-ElvisPresleyYoullNeverWalkAloneLPCover.jpg]

ELVIS PRESLEY  "you'll never walk alone" vinyl, 1971

a Gospel compilation on just nine songs (UK version has 10 tracks, maybe they needed more 'healing')...
The King is at his supreme best when he sings this sort of material IMO as you can feel every grain of faith from his soul in the songs...
probably not the best tracks they could have picked for a Gospel compilation but still worthy anyway...

just love his vocals on this one: