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Chris Brown denied Australian Visa.... - CRAZY-HORSE - 27-09-2015

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[h=1]Chris Brown issued formal notice of Australian visa denial[/h]

American RnB singer Chris Brown will be refused entry to Australia due to his history of domestic violence, with the government issuing him formal notice of the decision overnight.
The singer and his lawyers will now have 28 days to explain why he should be allowed to enter the country.
Brown has already been banned from the United Kingdom and Canada over his history of criminal charges, including the 2008 assault of then-girlfriend and fellow singer Rihanna.
Brown was convicted of punching Rihanna with a closed fist, dragging her out of a car and threatening to kill her, putting her in hospital.
Brown was also later jailed over an unrelated assault.
The singer has been to Australia since the events in 2008, but the government has since strengthened its stance against domestic violence.
Tickets to the Australian leg of the singer’s tour are due to go on sale on Monday, but it is not yet clear if the sale will still go ahead.