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Musician Deaths - 2018 - Ruby - 07-01-2018

Well that sucks. Ray Thomas has passed away. It was his birthday just before new year. He was 76 - had had prostate cancer which was under control with treatment and I'm not sure it was related to his death which was sudden and unexpected. Aside from being a multi-instrumentalist and flautist of note, he seems to have been well liked; warm, kind and good humoured. 

Thank you for all the music Mr Thomas and sorry you didn't get to see the Moody Blues HoF induction. R.I.P.  Sad

RE: Musician Deaths - 2017 - Music Head - 07-01-2018

had not heard that
just posted one of his songs a few days back
love his solo albums
thanks for the info

RE: Musician Deaths - 2017 - Ruby - 07-01-2018

^Yes - I saw that. Need to have a proper listen to Hopes, Wishes and Dreams
Wasn't crazy about From Mighty Oaks but an invaluable member of the Moody Blues and an allround nice guy, purportedly. 
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

RE: Musician Deaths - 2018 - CRAZY-HORSE - 11-01-2018

and now:

Edward Allen Clarke (Motorhead) dead aged 67, cause of death pneumonia

he was the last original member of the group to die,
I was never a big fan but I did love their signature tune:

RE: Musician Deaths - 2018 - Ruby - 14-01-2018

^Not a fan either, but I can see why they had 'em! R.I.P Fast Eddie Clarke.

RE: Musician Deaths - 2018 - CRAZY-HORSE - 15-01-2018

DELORES O'RIODAN  (The Cranberries)

aged:  46

C.O.D:  unknown

I was never a big fan and to be honest I am struggling to put a song (either tune or title) to the band?!

heres the article:

RE: Musician Deaths - 2018 - Jerome - 16-01-2018

RIP. Was never a fan. I found her vocal style very irritating. Probably an overdose of sorts. And just like CH I can't think of a single track or album title.

RE: Musician Deaths - 2018 - Ruby - 16-01-2018

Also never a fan but I do remember "Linger". R.I.P. Delores O'Riordan.

RE: Musician Deaths - 2018 - CRAZY-HORSE - 20-01-2018

not new death, thankfully, but the official cause of Tom Petty's death has now been released:

RE: Musician Deaths - 2018 - Ruby - 20-01-2018

^Sad. I suspect this happens more often than anyone cares to admit.