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NEW ALBUM: mgmt "little dark age" - CRAZY-HORSE - 08-02-2018

[Image: 61l+GoCpryL._AC_US218_.jpg]

MGMT  "little dark age"

Spotify listen....

never thought i'd put these guys in this thread,
and never thought id be totally disappointed with an album of theirs...
gone are the alt rock sounds and in come the synth based stuff complete with vocorders....
the reviewers have it right when they say "sounds like the soundtrack to an 80s series like Miami Vice",
not that I ever watched that show but I get what theyre saying....
a horrid album and I cannot figure out why they chose this route at this stage of their career???

the latest single:

RE: NEW ALBUM: mgmt "little dark age" - Music Head - 23-02-2018

enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #31

courtesy of Spotify

another difference of opinion
I thought it was a decent album
the sound was what I expected
and I thought you liked 80's music mate
a lot of Pet Shop boys here

title track