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NEW ALBUM: Tyler Childers "purgatory" - CRAZY-HORSE - 12-03-2018

[Image: 41D+IHLrtNL._AC_US218_.jpg]

TYLER CHILDERSĀ  "purgatory"

Spotify listen:

Kentucky artist...
his mentor/producer is Sturgill Simpson...
second album...
this was released last year (august) in the US, but only just released here
in Australia and the UK this week...
this IS REAL COUNTRY, not that bollocks the modern artists call country...
some orchestrations in various places,like Sturgill...
superb album IMO, up there with Sturgill's albums!...

BTW, the album is on the "to purchase" list:
the lead off single:

RE: NEW ALBUM: Tyler Childers "purgatory" - Music Head - 13-03-2018

you had me at real country
I would have put some steel guitar in there though
you can hear the Sturgill
good track

RE: NEW ALBUM: Tyler Childers "purgatory" - CRAZY-HORSE - 13-03-2018

try the full album mate...

and yes, sorry about the lack of the wails of a steel guitar.