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NEW ALBUM: Joshua Hedley "mr jukebox" - CRAZY-HORSE - 13-05-2018

[Image: 51sv37SuNrL._AC_US218_.jpg]

JOSHUA HEDLEY  "Mr Jukebox"  

Spotify Listen:

came across this artist after MH PM'd me one of his tracks...
album was released three weeks ago...
a male country singer who is actually "real country", awesome...
I'm hearing George Jones, Johnny Tillotson to name a couple here...
these tracks are so authentic they seriously could have been recorded in 50s and 60s...
interesting to note that the album was produced by Jack White and the album comes
from JW's Third Man Records...
who'd have thought Mr White could help bring about real country to an industry that
has forgotten what it is!

my favourite track...
I close my eyes and I hear Jim Reeves all over this one, superb stuff!!

and the track MH PM'd me yesterday:

RE: NEW ALBUM: Joshua Hedley "mr jukebox" - Music Head - 15-05-2018

prodded by my brother
I fit it in
heard that Jukebox track on NPR the other night
I put that on when I hit the sack
was almost asleep 
this song infiltrated my brain and I was awake
surely this must be some artist from the sixties that I missed
surprised the next morning when I did a search
he has to have grown up listening to all the greats I love
just don't go modern Joshua

RE: NEW ALBUM: Joshua Hedley "mr jukebox" - CRAZY-HORSE - 15-05-2018

three things:

I just don't know how both of us missed this getting released several weeks ago

I'm really hoping he stays true to country music and doesn't do some Achy Breaky Heart crap or team up with Taylor with a Shake It Off type duet in the future....

I thought it was funny that he turns up on Jack White's label when there must be a million labels in Nashville, I guess they don't want country artists anymore