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NEW ALBUM: Steve Roach - Molecules of Motion - Ruby - 02-06-2018

STEVE ROACH ~ Molecules of Motion

[Image: MI0004421083.jpg?]

One can’t really say that one listens to this music – it’s more a case of surrendering to the sounds which are compellingly hypnotic once you let go. I have a feeling this is mind altering stuff – or at the very least, mood altering! I’m curious about how a composer sets about this type of work. Is it largely looped?? There seems to be a fair amount of repetition which helps to bring about that almost meditative state, but with subtle changes and additions along the way. Most peculiar; I felt as though I was not going to be able to sit through the whole album, but in the end, didn’t want to stop it either! Ambient/instrumental - he has a huge body of work, most of which I haven’t heard, but I do like the album he did with Michael Sterns and Kevin Braheny - Desert Solitaire. Perhaps need to seek out some more! 

It’s referred to here as a ‘sonic marvel’ by those who are no doubt better qualified than I to comment  Blush   -

I can't access these clips in my country but perhaps you can in yours ... 

RE: NEW ALBUM: Steve Roach - Molecules of Motion - SteveO - 03-06-2018

I have delved into the ambient world from time to time as I am not hindered by music genres. Thanks for the post Ruby ! The video uploader didn't work for me.

RE: NEW ALBUM: Steve Roach - Molecules of Motion - Jerome - 09-06-2018

I listen to ambient music from time to time - I find you have to be in the right frame of mind for this sort of stuff. I have to say that Mr. Roach's stuff is too indistinct for me. I need some kind of theme to hang my hat on. Sound swirling around is fine, but intersperse it with notes that lead somewhere. Otherwise it's just sonic soup.

RE: NEW ALBUM: Steve Roach - Molecules of Motion - Ruby - 10-06-2018

^See - with that release I think that was the idea. Sonic soup. Becomes less soupy as you go along, strangely enough - well - that was my experience at any rate! Not something I'd choose to hear every day though - now and then is fine.