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Greetings - Willhop - 09-06-2018

Hello, my name is Will. I just joined the group. I reside in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, and, yes, I like Bluegrass music. Actually, I like most types of music. I have about 2500 CDs, everything from Abba to ZZ Top. 

That's it for now. Just wanted to say "hey."

RE: Greetings - Jerome - 10-06-2018

Welcome to the site - nothing wrong with Abba or ZZ Top! I listen to just about anything except cRAP.
'Music Head', 'Crazy Horse' and yourself may have some common interests.

RE: Greetings - CRAZY-HORSE - 10-06-2018

welcome Will...

as Jerome said....we'll have a few things in common musicwise mate!

RE: Greetings - Ruby - 10-06-2018

Welcome to the forum Will. 
I quite like progressive bluegrass - at least I think that's what it's called! As in the case of Railroad Earth, for example ... also enjoy Béla Fleck but I doubt I've heard enough bluegrass, in general, to be anywhere near well informed.

RE: Greetings - Music Head - 11-06-2018

welcome to the machine
I'm in Ky also
where you located?

RE: Greetings - SteveO - 15-06-2018

Welcome to the Great MD Willhop ! I  listen to all kinds of music including Bluegrass.