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Rap lover introduction - hshenep - 17-07-2018

Hello, My name is Hunter, I'm 22 years old, from Wisconsin. My dad being in the military has brought me to a few states though. Fayetteville, NC is where I heard rap for the first time & loved it when I was just 8. 

My current favorite rappers:
Tee Grizzley
Young Dolph
BlocBoy JB

I don't even know what sub-rap category the following musicians fall under, but I love
Mikey The Magician
Fat Nick
Devilish Trio

I guess I'm here to find more music to listen to and for something to do at work. 
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

RE: Rap lover introduction - Crowddedmusicplayer - 18-07-2018

I haven't been here long but welcome. I look forward to exploring the new generation of rap. Especially the latter list. I can introduce you to some 90s rap if you are interested.

RE: Rap lover introduction - CRAZY-HORSE - 18-07-2018

welcome to MD hshenep...

I'm not really into rap/hip hop but I like bits and pieces....