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NEW ALBUM: Bob Mould "sunshine rock" - CRAZY-HORSE - 08-02-2019

[Image: 516dW23ZOeL._AC_US218_.jpg]

Spotify listen...

U.S alt-rocker, thirteenth solo album...
vocals for Husker Du (7 albums) and Sugar (5 albums), and ive never heard of him, 
but im sure MH would have and probably owns something  by him or his previous bands...
so, twelve songs over thirty six minutes, that's around 3 minutes a song...
songs have a sound that harks back to the 77-79 Punk/New Wave era, my era!...
has an almost Stranglers sound happening, even his vocals are similar and im going to narrow the
sound down even further to Stranglers' "no more heroes" song sound
good solid album which I will probably pick up at some point...

the single:

RE: NEW ALBUM: Bob Mould "sunshine rock" - Music Head - 08-02-2019

I am familiar with Mould and Husker Du
thought I had an album by the band
but don't recognize the covers
so maybe not

RE: NEW ALBUM: Bob Mould "sunshine rock" - Music Head - 24-02-2019

enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at #192

courtesy of Spotify

glad this came around for me
woke me up
still a punk at 58
very good album

not a song but an interview