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NEW ALBUM: Leo Sayer "selfie" - CRAZY-HORSE - 05-05-2019

[Image: 81-BPIMWv7L._AC_UL436_.jpg]

Spotify listen:

I actually cringed when Ruby mentioned Leo had a new album out...
seen a few performances on tv over the last few years and wasn't overly impressed
with what I saw...
I researched the album, all original tracks, mostly written by Sayer, three written with
legendary writer Albert Hammond also...
Sayer played most instruments apparently, but I had no idea he played anything???
producing the album also, thus the title "selfie"...Duh!
a pleasant surprise..
typical Sayer soft rock...
nothing bad on it at all, would probably buy it in a discount bin but its not high on my priority list
as a purchase

RE: NEW ALBUM: Leo Sayer "selfie" - Ruby - 05-05-2019

^Lol - I couldn’t resist a listen after finding out about the release. These are the thoughts I put down before reading anything more about the album … that he is responsible for the instrumentation is a revelation!

There are some surprisingly catchy songs on Leo Sayer’s new album – there is also some filler and a few politically driven laments. Along with the rest of ‘em, he bemoans the present state of world leadership, materialism, man’s inhumanity to fellow man, his own displacement from his land of origin, and so forth and so fifth. I think his voice is in pretty good shape and that he still has that ineffable something that made him popular to begin with. Simple, clearly sung songs that are nicely executed – nothing to be ashamed of on this late career offering. How unexpected! It’s not hugely my thing so I'm unlikely to seek it out to purchase, but huh! Good for him say I. 

I chose this one …