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Vanessa Finn (justanothersally) - Lovely Linda - 01-08-2017

Thought I would try this. I know she may find this.
I would love to have you here Vanessa!!
You would be a added attraction to this forum.
Please stop by!!

Linda (Kenny's friend) from DAC's site Smile

RE: Vanessa Finn (justanothersally) - Music Head - 01-08-2017

yea come on Vanessa
give us a try
we're fun

RE: Vanessa Finn (justanothersally) - CRAZY-HORSE - 01-08-2017

what he said...

RE: Vanessa Finn (justanothersally) - Lovely Linda - 03-08-2017

I'm going to email Vanessa.

RE: Vanessa Finn (justanothersally) - Lovely Linda - 06-08-2017

Have not had time to write Vanessa this week but I will.
Been doing work on my house.

RE: Vanessa Finn (justanothersally) - Lovely Linda - 16-08-2017

Still trying to get ahold of Vanessa Finn from Joplin Missouri.
Went to Jon's site and left a message.

[Image: l.gif]This is Vanessa's avatar. Call me V. I lost your number.