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What Are You Listening To? - Tiggi - 13-08-2011

Temporary WAYLT? thread till we can find the original...

What Are You Listening To? - Tiggi - 13-08-2011

[Image: 51ijyGCcqEL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

Their second album together, from 2010.

Recorded in 2005, whilst Toure was in the grip of terminal cancer...

Something of a West African supergroup here. Both musicians were successful in their own right before collaborating on a couple of releases. This would be the last recording Toure made.

Acoustic guitar from Toure, & Kora from Diabate, with very few supporting instruments, and hardly any vocals, make for a spare, and very beautiful album.

Africans have a way with music that I find impossible to resist...

AllMusic 4/5 stars.

What Are You Listening To? - SteveO - 14-08-2011

[Image: 61Otd5XxTTL._SL500_AA300__1_.jpg]


Lately I have been researching English folk music and found this absolute gem ! Johnny Flynn (aka Joe Flynn - actor/playwright) and his band - The Sussex Wit have produced one of the freshest and enjoyable albums I have heard in years !

The eleven tracks on this album are all good with The River duet with his pal Laura Marling being the highlight. The true English brogue style of folk singing shines througout on most tracks. The standouts are Churlish May, Barnacled Warship and Howl...heck the whole album is a standout !

Now hopefully Mr. Flynn can successfully balance his acting career with his music....only time will tell ! A very talented lad who writes his songs and plays a National guitar ! I hope he chooses to concentrate on his music !

A refreshing approach to modern folk rock ! Flynn is rated as the least commercial of Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling and Noah and the Whale which isn't a bad thing in my humble estimation.

AllMusic rated this as 3/5 but since this album woke me up, got my complete listening attention, moved me and cheered me up I will ungrudgingly give it 5/5 although I have to get used to the sound of three tracks that feature a trumpet as a folk song accompanying instrumment.. but this minor flaw doesn't hinder my praise for Been Listening especially since I've been listening to a lot of mediocre albums lately !!!!!

Track Listing:

1."Kentucky Pill" 2."Lost and Found" 3."Churlish May" 4."Been Listening" 5."Barnacled Warship" 6."Sweet William, Pt. 2" 7."The Water (featuring Laura Marling)" 8."Howl" 9."Agnes" 10."Amazon Love" 11."The Prizefighter and the Heiress"

What Are You Listening To? - LxiDD - 15-08-2011

Completely different to anything I usually listen to - I met a guy called Joe O'Donnell recently who used to be in East of Eden back in the 70s. I also saw him play and he is a incredible violinist! Been listening to his album - Joe O'Donnell's Shkayla, am really liking it.

What Are You Listening To? - gryphon - 15-08-2011

I remember East Of Eden back in 70 when they had a single in the UK charts Jig-a-Jig!

What Are You Listening To? - SteveO - 16-08-2011

[Image: seasons.jpg]

MAGNA CARTA - Seasons (1970)

One of Gryph's recommendations for late night listening ! Brilliant acoustic instruments, vocals and melodies.

What Are You Listening To? - mtthwibrahim - 16-08-2011

Ys-Joanna Newsom

Such utter beauty. I bet Newsom would get along really well with Tim Buckley

What Are You Listening To? - Tiggi - 17-08-2011

^ That is a wonderful album.

What Are You Listening To? - SteveO - 17-08-2011

I agree ..very peaceful music !

What Are You Listening To? - Tiggi - 17-08-2011

[Image: 61t1aieBADL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

On the laptop.

1971 debut album from Country-Rock outfit.

I've been drawn to this through my love of Grateful Dead music, since this was a more countryish outlet for Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, & Phil Lesh from the Dead.

They were all playing a backing role, and Garcia was indulging his love for playing the Lap Steel, as there wasn't much call for it in his day job. After this album, the Dead members returned to their main band, whilst the NROTPS continued without them for a number of years.

This is Country Rock skewed to the Country end of things, like frinstance The Flying Burrito Brothers/Gram Parsons.

Very good album, and there's an interesting Country take on The Band's The Weight.

AllMusic 4+/5 stars.