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What Are You Listening To? - Beach - 27-12-2007

I've got the sweet sound of the 'Soul Queen of New Orleans', Irma Thomas:[INDENT][Image: c0432862p76.jpg][/INDENT]
It was Irma who did the 'original' of Pain in My Heart - Ruler of My Heart.

What Are You Listening To? - Beach - 29-12-2007

I'm listening to the Duane Allman Anthology at present.
[INDENT][Image: f57450q1rrm.jpg]
[/INDENT]This is a great collection of his studio work both with the Allman Brothers Band and the many others, Derek & the Dominoes and Aretha Franklin.

What Are You Listening To? - ambernector - 29-12-2007

I'm listening to a Christmas present from my father.

Album: Markology
Artist: Mark O'Connor

This is mix between Jazz and country music. This album is the first solo guitar album from Mark. I am interested in his music as often performs with Edgar Meyer a masterful Double Bass musician. Individually they are both very talented musicians performing what some might class as hard melodies to do.

What Are You Listening To? - Beach - 01-01-2008

Currently listening to this wonderful 'Best of' set by the late, great Freddie King.
[INDENT][Image: d89406ql8q8.jpg]
[/INDENT]Born in Gilmer, Texas on September 3, 1934 Freddie passed away far too young at age 42 on December 28, 1976 in Dallas.

What Are You Listening To? - Beach - 03-01-2008

Currently listening to this 2006 release from New orleans genius musician/arranger/composer, Allen Toussaint and Elvis Costello, The River in Reverse. Bloody brilliant stuff!

[INDENT][Image: h31868hkp8h.jpg][/INDENT]

What Are You Listening To? - Palmer - 08-01-2008

Phil Brown

Beachy, I couldnt help but think of you when I was researching this guy to write an article on him. At one time he played with Little Feat! Check the boy out and let me know what you think. Smile

What Are You Listening To? - Tiggi - 21-02-2008

Billie Holiday - 10 CD Set

Cheappie box set of pre-Verve Billie.

What Are You Listening To? - Tiggi - 23-02-2008

Sly & the Family Stone - There's a Riot Goin' on

What Are You Listening To? - Tiggi - 29-02-2008

Fela Kuti - The Best of The Black President

Excellent Nigerian funk-type stuff.

What Are You Listening To? - smottie - 29-02-2008

Right now, out of my speakers comes...
The Jazz Soul Of Oscar Peterson from 1959.

[Image: 599535C4D1394E90968DC91D45D06E59.jpg]

This is a remarcable album from the good ol' days.
Ed Thigpen & Ray Brown completes the soundscape.
Rest in peace Oscar!