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Check out my friends new song!
Hey there! So I am new to this forum, as you can see haha! But I would really appreciate if you guys check out my friends new song! Thanks and feedback is appreciated!
wow this is really goood
best actually
I liked this a lot, much more than I expected to (cynic that I am). Good approval on YouTube also. Pro tune, pro production. Feel like divulging more details? Name, band name, songwriter? Got more like this? do they play out? Where? Etc.
A man accustomed to hear only the echo of his own sentiments, soon bars all the common avenues of delight, and has no part in the general gratification of mankind--Dr. Johnson
What he said. Amen, Bro--JazzboCR
Very good ! Vocals, melody and guitar is spot on !!!!
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!

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