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Nun shocks the musical world
A nun who made an appearance on The Voice of Italy has managed to take the world of music by storm; her first performance of No One by Alicia Keys sent the crowds roaring. Every judge wanted sister Cristina Scuccia in his/her team. The video went viral and is on the verge of reaching 50 million hits on YouTube.
The 25 year old shocked the world with her performance; she also said that she was inspired by Pope Francis who said spread the word of god and she is doing it in her own way for she attributes her voice to be the gift of God.

Since the time she has been on the show the ratings have quadrupled and nun has managed to resurrect the show. She has already finished two more rounds and everyone is waiting to see if she emerges the winner at the finale in June.
Well the real question is with her being the star of the show, would the channel heads or the judges dare to buzz her out.

Watch her performance here:


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^ Holy Cow !!!!
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!

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