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how to form a composition that keep the listeners bound
hi there....

I'm into music past 4 months and you can tag me a beginner. have written few songs but feel that e thing that miss out is the constant flow and attraction. How can i compose such a song that can keep the listeners bound till it ends.... any tips...

Ruhi Sheikh
Music Reviewer
Composition is tough. You need to have a rhythm that will be remembered because it sounds good.

What sort of genre are you looking at?
thanx a ton for posting...i'm interested in the classical genre. the notes are quite tough to compose and site in the right order. Waiting for your reply..

Ruhi Sheikh
Music reviewer
For me, what keeps me for the entire song is the flow. Lyrics and instrumentals have to tell a story that makes sense.

Sometimes, I try to write my songs as if they we're a movie I was watching. Main thing I would say is always look at your music with "fresh eyes". Write it the way you would want to hear it, if someone else was writing it.

Singer/Songwriter for As It Subsides
base your songs on experiences you have personally gone through.
They will be more relatable, and what has more meaning than issues that every person has to overcome each and every day?
Learn how to use metaphors correctly, and expand your vocabulary as much as possible...
there are such things called "soft rhymes" as well.
just make sure your melody has rhythm, and you'll be absolutely fine.
What keeps me bound is a killer chorus. Perhaps changing key, to add an effect.
With Regards...

Anthony :coffee:

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