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Favourite Pop Artists
Please list your favourite pop artists of all time. :embarassed:
With Regards...

Anthony :coffee:
Michael Jackson, easily. Hands-down.

I don't care if he's gone crazy now Off the Wall, Thriller, and the work he did with his brothers are f'ing amazing.

Depending on one's definition of "pop artist" I also love me some Cheap Trick, Kinks, and the Beach Boys.

Of a more contemporary nature I dig Gwen Stefani/No Doubt and Nelly Furtado.
very nicely said jong. michael jackson was very influential in his time before he went bonkers...and there are artists out there that i do like their music, but not their personalities. im sure many people have those kinds of artists on their like lists.

as for me, in pop music, i'd have to say nelly furtado for her writing style, and also, i'd have to say elton john. he was very influential in pop music through his career and still is. with special songs like candle in the wind for marilyn monroe and princess diana, and great imagery songs like the one, and other great hits like crocodile rock and saturday nights alright for fighting.....he is definetely very high on my like list.
I'll have to be boring and say the Beatles.
ah hah all of mine are already said but oh well

michael jackson
elton john
and of coursee the beatles

usually dont really get into pop but those three are hugeee exceptions for me and i can always count on them to make me feel poppy haha which isnt easy to do
M J is the one. I don't care what scandals he has been involved in, he is a great artist.

Not sure whether you could really call Prince "Pop". But MJ & Prince are both amazing artists.
New Of Montreal can hardly be described as anything but pop. I also like Gil Mantera's Party Dream, which is "synth-pop".
JesustheMexicanBoy Wrote:New Of Montreal can hardly be described as anything but pop.

Yes I agree. I've even heard a term tossed around - "indie-pop". I think that describes them.
A toughy, Although the Beatles are my all time favourite band, I was not a big fan of their 'pop' music.

MJ had some very good songs until he did that horrible Dangerous album.

I would probably have to go with ABBA, wonderful musicians who kept spinning out one hit after another in the mid - late 70's.

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