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uk collaboration

My names Mark and I’m a 21 year old songwriter from Liverpool looking for UK collaboration on some songs I have written.

In the true spirit of the music industry, I am interested in making lots of money and as soon as possible, consequently I like to write commercial pop music for whichever artist sells. Due to the saturation of indie bands in the U.K this means I normally write for the
US market. My problems are that I am quite under motivated, have virtually no industry contacts and only have an 8 track Tascam recorder which I concede is not adequate to make recordings good enough to submit to publishers. I write mainly the music but like to write my own lyrics (its more money), so I suppose I’m looking for some collaboration (mainly lyrical) on these songs but also someone who has a bit more motivation and a network to get a vocalist and get a better standard of these recordings made and quickly.

Ive edited this post due to the reply’s I have received on other message boards, im really not interested in receiving replys with two pages worth of advice I already know, I know how my post sounds, I know how hard it is to make money in the industry, but I like to entertain the idea of making music and not having to work in kfc at the same time.

I currently have three songs I am focusing on at the moment, one is a “rihanna style” pop/r&b song, another is a Kelly Clarkson esque light rock song and the third is a piano based pop song that I think is perfect for the “Disney generation” pop that sells so well in the us. I have rough recordings of these tracks with no vocals that I can send if your interested.


Can't be of any assistance, I'm afraid, Mark.

Someone on here may be able to help, but good luck either way...

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