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ever heard of Hank Mizell????
i wonder how many of you guys have heard of rockabilly artist Hank Mizell???
not many of you i bet,!
and i wouldnt blame you...
he tried and tried from the mid 1950s through to the early 1960s to get recognised and score a hit but never succeeded until....
a radio staion in the UK picked up an obscure recording he made back in the day and started to play it....
and low and behold in the mid 1970s he hit #3 on the UK charts with "jungle rock"...
IMO he deserved some success as he really wasnt too bad!

he was encouraged to tour the UK that particular year but further success eluded him...

i have a vinyl album of his that was a compilation of his recordings released in the UK to coincide with the success of that single...

here's his short Wiki page:

and here is his one and only hit anywhere in the world:


and a couple of other tracks thrown in for good measure:

"kangaroo rock" audio link
"rakin' and scrapin'" audio link

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