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What Are You Listening To?
(23-05-2018, 07:15)I actually own this one Crazy mate ! Its a cracker ! CRAZY-HORSE Wrote: [Image: 220px-RaisinCain.jpg]

JOHNNY WINTER  "raisin' cain" cd, 1980:

tenth album....
Johnny didn't write anything on this album....
I know two of the tracks as being covers so I'm assuming this could be a covers set...
either way theyre new to me so I don't regard them as covers...
terrible album, but it is representative of album art work from the period....
I have four studio and a live set by Johnny and all are brilliant, including this one...
my question is, did he ever make a bad album???

love the album, especially his version of this Dylan classic!

 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
[Image: 220px-Razorsedge.jpg]

AC/DC  "the razors edge" cd, 1990:

I was unpacking a couple of boxes on the weekend and came across a small box of cds I was looking for...
it included eight from this band which I knew I had but couldn't find/locate!!!!!
this may surprise people but I do not like anything by the band prior to Brian Johnson coming on board
after the death of original vocalist Bon Scott...I found Bon's vocals to be whiney to say the least...
now I have recovered ALL my Brain Johnson cds...
this album,
their sixth with Johnson and twelfth overall...
its my second favourite of theirs after "back in black" but it contains my favourite song of theirs in "thunderstruck"...
good solid hard rock album and I'm looking forward to pulling out the others over the next few weeks

this is why this band are the greatest hard rock band of the rock era:

Pink Floyd’s Obscured by Clouds. Sandwiched as it is between Meddle and Dark Side of the Moon, it’s not the bigger mouthful, but that said, it was written primarily for the film, La Vallée, and while not a so-called commercial success, it certainly creeps up and takes hold of you! They did a good job considering it was fairly hastily put together - nice succinct songs and instrumentals - not a masterpiece but very listenable - I have it on vinyl. The cover art is an out of focus shot of a man in a tree which IMHO is a lot less disconcerting than that underwater ear, lol! Not big on the ear – it always looks like some sort of freaky mutant aquatic creature, to me.   Dodgy 

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
[Image: 220px-Stiff_Upper_Lip.jpg]

AC/DC  "stiff upper lip"  cd.  2000:

the band's fourteenth and eighth with Brian Johnson at the helm....
album still sold bucketloads going platinum just about everywhere of importance,
including triple platinum in their homeland....
same formula as usual...
you either like/love or loathe their simplistic three chord rock...
me, I love it and this album is no different, great stuff...

my greatest musical regret is not getting to see these guys live in concert as concerts here in Australia
sold out within literally minutes of going on sale, oh well, at least theres live clips for me to watch!

Having an Alan Parsons kinda day – Try Anything Once, On Air and The Time Machine. Of the three, I think my preference is for On Air. Different to the Alan Parsons Project’s output and not as commercially oriented but still with the stalwart session musicians on board – Ian Bairnson, especially, who had a lot to do with On Air.

Then right back to the very beginning … there really isn’t much to beat the project’s debut, Tales of Mystery and Imagination - Edgar Allan Poe – what an excellent album. Next, Pyramid and Turn of a Friendly Card which along with Tales of Mystery and Imagination are my favourites from this stable – Pyramid particularly which really struck a chord - first heard during a time of being fascinated with all things relating to ancient Egypt.

A pick from each of the above …
“Jigue” from Try Anything Once – instrumental …
“Blown by the Wind” from On Air – vocalist, Eric Stewart …
“Out of the Blue” – Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet on lead vocal – from The Time Machine … gosh – fantastic voice …
“The Raven” from TOMAI – Leonard Whiting vocal – Alan Parsons vocoder …
“One More River” – from Pyramid, Lenny Zakatek’s voice …
… and from Turn of a Friendly Card -  “Time” – one of the few occasions Eric Woolfson sang lead …
…. aaaand the title track … Chris Rainbow ….

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
Hey Ruby, don't knock that underwater ear! That was the pic that got me into Floyd in the first place - at first I couldn't figure out what it was - then I realized that it was a really clever image for an album of very different music. Music you could immerse yourself in. It was my first of many Floyd purchases. I remember taking the album around to a friend's house. Her parents thought I was nuts!

As for the Parson's post - have to agree. Nothing tops TOMAI. And Pyramid and TTOAFC are also stunning. I like I-Robot & Gaudi as well. His last effort - A Valid Path is not really worth the effort. I think it was produced by Alan and his son.

Eric Woolfson also release and album called 'Poe' which I have not heard yet. So many albums, so little time......
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
And listening to The Crossing this morning at full volume reminds me of that other great African artist Ismael Lo - I can't understand a word of what he's singing but his Jammu Afrika album is just beyond brilliant.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
Ruby - now you've started something - and my neighbours are wondering what the hell is going on - playing The Crossing full ball - and loving every minute of it. Magical stuff.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
^^Lol re Pink Floyd - no problem at all with the music but I think even Thorgerson may have mildly regretted the cover. The brain just refuses to compute the image until you see the bigger picture, so to speak.  Blush

Seems like there's a bit of a renaissance in African music - West African in particular. Agreed - Ismaël Lô is fantastic. He tours every now and then but doesn't seem to have made an album in a while. Wait - I think he might have got involved in politics - or maybe I'm thinking of someone else - or was it acting? Same thing. Lol!

I’m not crazy about ALL Johnny Clegg’s music, but that one in particular – yes. Such a humble, genuinely nice guy – a crying shame about this illness.
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
Just plain brilliant -

If this does not get you moving you are officially dead -
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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