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What Are You Listening To?
[Image: 220px-ForThoseAboutToRock_ACDCalbum.jpg]

AC/DC  "for those about to rock(we salute you)" cd. 1981:

eighth studio set...
second with Brian Johnson on vocals...
not in the same league as Back In Black, and other than Rock Or Bust
probably my least favourite album with Brian on vocals but it still makes the pass grade

best one on the album but I only like it, not love it:

[Image: 220px-Small_Faces_-_Ogdens%27_Nut_Gone_Flake.png]

SMALL FACES "ogdens' nut gone flake"  cd, 1968:

1968. fifty years old wow!...
their fourth and my favourite...
infact, its my favourite album of all time...
side one covers early hard rock, soul, cockney knees-up, psychedelia,
an instrumental re-recording of one of their early singles and straight up rock...
the second side/half is a concept, its the story of a boy named Happiness Stan, the songs on
this half are entwined with the gobbledegook spoken word pieces by UK funny man Stanley Unwin...
the original vinyl of this album was actually circular like the image above...
as I said, my favourite album of all time...

does anyone else have this album? and, do you love it?

I could go with the hits/better known tracks off this one like "afterglow (of your love)", "lazy sunday"
but I'm not, I'm going for this one instead:

and the final track on the album:

David Gilmour - London 1984 - a live album of his solo material up that point as well as a couple of Floyd tracks. Well below par. Yes the guitar riffs are there but it just does not come across well at all. Pass.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
[Image: 220px-DavisBowieAladdinSane.jpg]

DAVID BOWIE   "aladin sane" cd,  1973...

Bowie's sixth....
rock, glam and uniquely Bowie...
biggie off it was "the jean genie"...
love most of the album, even like his cover of The Stones' "lets spend the night together"...
album has stood the test of time, sounds fresh and new after all these years, unlike it predecessor 
"Ziggy stardust" which is stuck in its 1972 time warp IMO (much like Sgt Peppers which is stuck in 1967)...
one of his best for sure...

album is almost its own 'best of' package IMO with tracks like "jean genie", "aladin sane", "the prettiest star",
"drive-in Saturday" but I'm going for this one on this occasion:


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