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What Are You Listening To?
that linked track certainly does have CSN written all over it Ruby...
Yes - Fly From Here - not indicative of the true Yes sound, but a magnificent album nevertheless. Play it quite a bit.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
[Image: 220px-ExileMainSt.jpg]

ROLLING STONES "exile on main street" cd, 1972:

the band's twelfth studio set of thirty...
originally a double set on vinyl, but all fits on one disk here...
#1 just about everywhere...
big hit was " tumblin' dice"....
so, onto the album...
lots of blues riffs...
the usual stock standard sound they've used for 50+ years....
I shouldn't criticise them for that because I don't criticise AC/DC for the same sound
on every album, but I do for some reason...
two covers, paying homage/respects to Slim Harper (track 3) and Robert Johnson (track 16)...
these guys simply don't "do it" for me as musicians or songwriters for me...
I think theyre probably in the top five most overrated bands in the history of rock...
I do own around ten of their albums but there always seems to be a lot of filler on their albums...
great singles band, lousy albums band IMO...
surprised this one actually comes out with a like rating:

I LIKE THIS ALBUM (apparently)

worst track:  rip this joint
best track: sweet black angel

tracks: off ** this joint *
3....shake your hips ** boogie **
5....tumblin' dice ***
6....sweet virginia ***
7....torn and frayed **
8....sweet black angel ***
9....loving cup **
10..happy **
11..turd on the run *
12..ventilation blues **
13..i just wanna see his face *
14..let it loose **
15..all down the line *
16..stop breaking down *
17..shine a light **
18..soul survivor *
3s - 3
2s - 9
1s - 6
rating: 1.8
[Image: 220px-The_Rolling_Stones_-_Goats_Head_Soup.jpg]

ROLLING STONES "goat's head soup" cd, 1973

the band's thirteenth of thirty...
all I can say is...same crap,different album...
I do love "Angie" though


worst track: silver train
best track: Angie 


1....dancing with Mr D *
2....100 years ago **
3....coming down again **
4....doo doo doo (heartbreaker) **
5....Angie ***
6....silver train *
7....hide your love *
8....winter *
9....can you hear the music ** star *

3s - 1
2s - 4
1s - 5

rating: 1.6
[Image: 220px-Wings_Greatest.jpg]

WINGS "greatest" 1978, vinyl.

Macca's first post Beatle compilation of hits...
twelve tracks...
could have been a double set with the huge hits he had up to that point...
five of the twelve were single only releases prior to this release so its good to
have them on album instead of trawling through my 7" singles trying to locate them...
album really does show how good a rock/pop writer Paul McCartney was and this album stands
up alongside any Beatle compilation on its own merits...
a superb collection of singles/hits that most artists would be proud to have in an entire career
and not just an eight year period of a 50+ year career..


least favourite track: silly love songs
favourite track: mull of Kintyre


1....another day **
2....silly love songs ** and let die ***
4....juniors farm ***
5....with a little luck *** on the run ***
7....uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey ***
8....hi hi hi ***
9....let 'em in ** love ***
11..jet ***
12..mull of Kintyre ***

3s - 9
2s - 3
1s - 0

rating: 2.7
[Image: 220px-Kiss_first_album_cover.jpg]

KISS  "kiss"  cd, 1974:
debut set...
classic rock/blues rock...
contains no less than six tracks that are on regular rotation in their
live shows to this day....
album reached #87 US, #82 Canada and #38 New Zealand, the Kiwi's
were with them from day one, and to think that over the last forty years
they have maintained their popularity there and here in Australia more than
in any other country (does that make us great or losers???)…
either way, good solid album, one of the greatest debut sets of all time IMO...
took them another two studio sets and a live set until people really took notice f them though...


worst track: love theme from kiss (instrumental)
best track: deuce


1....strutter **
2....nothin' to lose ***
3....firehouse ***
4....cold gin ***
5....let me know **
6....kissin' time **
7....deuce *** theme from kiss (instrumental) *
9....100,000 years *** diamond ***

3s - 6
2s - 3
1s - 1

rating: 2.5
Genesis - Seconds Out - one of my other favourite prog rock live albums. The band at their very peak. They made a movie during this tour.

And something I found on the way - a one-man Genesis.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
Thanks J Man ! I really enjoyed Antoine Baril !
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
[Image: 51Wc4yjdN7L._AC_US218_.jpg]

ROLLING STONES "let it bleed" cd, 1969:

the Stones' tenth studio set...
Im starting to think im a sucker for aural punishment...
I guess I am still, but to a point here...
this is album is musically what I call 'dirty', not in the lyrics,
but in the rough and ragged sound of most of it, ie: dirty, not polished...
some real gritty rock and roll on this one...
interesting to note that a year after The Beatles apparently inspired Charlie Manson
and Family with their "white album", The Stones are singing a song about "the boston strangler"
called "midnight rambler"...
apart from that track, which BTW, I absolutely love, it contains one of their best sing-a-long
tunes in "you cant always get what you want"...
love the "country honk" which is a country version of "honky tonk blues" and the cover of the 
Robert Johnson tune "love in vain"
so, only one single released off this one, "live with me", which only ever charted in France, and
I rate it as the worst thing on here...
album was platinum or multi platinum just about everywhere as usual and to surprise you all....


worst track: live with me
favourite track: you cant always get what you want


1....gimmie shelter ** in vain *** honk *** with me *
5....let it bleed **
6....midnight rambler *** got the silver *
8....monkey man * cant always get what you want ***

3s - 4
2s - 2
1s - 3

rating: 2.1
THE WATERBOYS - An Appointment with Mr Yeats

[Image: 220px-An_Appointment_with_Mr_Yeats.jpeg]
An album inspired by the poetry of W B Yeats who Mike Scott cites as an a large influence. Not your typical Waterboys fare - the essence and words are mostly as Yeats intended I should imagine, but I'm sure there's Scott's own poetic licence along the way! It kinda fits in with the armstice anniversary, what with titles such as "An Irish Airman Foresees His Death", "Politics" and "Let the Earth Bear Witness". Yeats was very active around the time of WWI and held strong political views, but I do not know enough to comment on how those might have informed his work. It's good for me to listen to something that asks questions of me and gets me wondering. I think this is an esoteric, romantic and quite spiritual release, in a way.

Scott is paying homage to Yeats - he's an admirer, so the adaptations are done with respect and a little touch of magic. 

Some tracks in different moods ... 

"Song of Wandering Aengus" -

"Politics" -

and this gorgeous little interlude - less than two minutes long ... co vocals on the album by Katie Kim ...

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson

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