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worst casting in a movie
let's have some fun with this one...john wayne as[ghanghis khan]what was the duke thinking?..liz taylor as[Cleopatra]at least she looked good...George Clooney as[batman]almost a career killer George...Christian bale as[moses]he traded in the batmobile for a chariot...christopherr reeves as[superman]skinnyman would've been a better title...Lawrence Olivier as[zues]sad end to a classic career.
oh and if I may...chuck Connors as[Geronimo]an insult to all native americans.
Man, this is a hard one Confusedmile: I'll have to think. I'm sure there are plenty.
Interesting topic!
If we're talking musical theatre films, what comes to my mind immediately is Russel Crowe as Javert in Les Miserables. It just makes me cringe every time. His vocals are just scream singing. It just makes me feel uneasy and doesn't fit the character.
Always look on the bright side of life! *Insert whistling here*
I hope you will understand without any words...
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2406&stc=1]
any movie.
There is one movie that I love and that was a big hit but I thought the mother and daughter were not cast properly.
That is Steel Magnolias. Sally Field and Julia Roberts are two of my very fave actresses but putting them together
as mom and daughter just did not seem right to me and did not look right. Sally even then did not look much older than Julia.
Julia did not look a thing like her mom or dad in the picture. But, it was a great movie Confusedmile:
I didn't care for Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in Batman vs Superman, he acts too much like The Joker and doesn't fit that character, IMO. Also casting choices where a person of a different race is portraying one in a movie. Those can be cringeworthy.
I did not like Kevin Costner in 13 Days. If you have seen it you will know what I am talkng about.
For about a hour of listening to him sound like he was from Mass. it could turn viewers off. It was terrible.

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