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ARCA "washed clean"

ARCA "washed clean"

not really sure what to make of this....
sounds like it is sounds put together to create effect(soundscapes if you please!)
for the video(which i love!)
i think the sounds and the video work well together
but as a way....!

i'd appreciate Jerome's feedback on this one to see what his
opinion is as soundscapes are right up his alley!
another of their clips played after the one above finished....

here it is if youre interested in "soundscapes"(well, what i would call soundscapes anyway!) video
it wasn't music
I hate it

whats the bet SteveO loves it????

cant wait to hear Jerome's thoughts on it though
Hmmmmmm - don't know what to make of this. Not something I would want to hear again. As MH commented on something I did - it's too repetitive. If you turned the volume of this down and you had a plaintive solo piano piece in the front I might be interested. On it's own it does not really go anywhere. The last five or so seconds is the best bit.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
Weirdo... I would put 18+ sign.

Bizarre - and they wonder why kids have gender issues these days! Videos like this only serve to confuse them even more.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
Bizarre is a massive understatement Jerome

schools out here disapprove of the "pink for girls", "blue for boys" ethos,
they also encourage girls to play games boys traditionally play, and likewise, encourage boys to play with 'barbie dolls' if the so desire...
to say "society if totally f##ked up" is the biggest understatement ever IMO...

boys are boys, girls are girls...simple.

and no, that doesn't mean women should stay home to cook, clean, take care of sexual business etc and men are cavemen,
all it means is let girls be girls, and boys be boys.
You have 3 second to leave thread. After clicking play button you start suffering with me.


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