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coustic singer songwriter could really do with your help. Please get involved :)
Hi there, I've been working on a number of songs over the last year and I'm struggling abit. I think there's some potential but my lyrics are a bit weak. I am going to head off to a little cabin for three weeks soon and I want to return with and albumn I'm happy with. If people have any opinions, think I should drop anything or suggestions for lyrics it would be really really appreciated.

Much love

what are you looking to write about?
Wow, I made one hell of mess with this thread that I started. This might sound a weak and go against the spirit of this forum but bare with me.

I started running a website about 4 months ago with all of my demos. I wanted to make it open to as many people as possible so they could help me make my songs as strong as possible. I decided to start threads on as many forums as possible to get as much feedback as possible. I did this by copy and pasting a set bit of text. I saved the word file for when I found new forums I could just paste it in. . .

After recieving loads of great feedback I went of and recorded my albumn. I came back from my recording trip 4 weeks ago and up loaded the latest versions. Once again I wanted to get maximum exposure so started copying and pasting a pre written blurb for all the forums.

So as you can see, I was obviously not paying much attention (it was pretty late and had been a long day). I pasted the old forum post which doesn't even have the website address on it.

Sorry for being inept at this computer malarky.

So after that lengthy apology/explanation I'd still really appreciate anyone listening to my tunes and letting me know what you think. The websites can be provided upon request.

My names Owen by the way Smile
Maybe you're in need of some professional suggestions. I know a site which is run by a full time song writer who is dedicated to providing a home-based online training module on songwriting. I think you may find very useful information from their songwriting videos and it's free.

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