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What Are You Listening To?
[Image: 220px-Ace_frehley_solo_album_cover.jpg]

ACE FREHLEY  "kiss"  vinyl/picture disc vinyl/cd 1978:

pulled this one out the other day on the back of his new single release....
always thought of this as the third best or second worse of the four original solo sets from the band...
after forty years my opinion has finally changed in regards to this album..
yes, I always loved his guitar work, I rate him in my top three or four rock guitarists of the rock era,
and for personality and charisma he is also up there with the best of them...
the songs on here are absolutely brilliant hard rock tunes, sure hes not the greatest vocalist around
but he knew how to write cool rock songs...
so for the first time ever....I love this album

I always loved a couple off this album and this is still my favourite track:

and this cool live clip from the late 1980s of a track from the album:

[Image: 220px-Rob_Zombie_-_Sinister_Urge.jpg]

ROB ZOMBIE  "the sinister urge"  cd,  2001:

his second solo set(had forgotten i'd got this one)....
guest musos on here, everyone from members of Motley Crue, Sabbath, Bon Jovi
The Cult Nine Inch Nails, Anthrax, Beastie Boys and Ozzy supplies backing vocals...
almost as good as the debut IMO...
another platinum seller in the US, his sales tanked after this...
again, love the Marilyn Manson similarities here

[Image: 220px-RobZombieElectricWarlock.jpg]

ROB ZOMBIE "the electric warlock acid witch satanic orgy celebration dispenser"  cd,  2016:

I managed to get that title out without a typo, phew!...
Bob's sixth solo set...
I own the first two and this one, love the first two...
this one follows along same lines, has a distinct Marilyn Manson sound, well, he was first so
I guess MM has a distinct RZ sound...LOL.....
songs could almost be classed as parody songs because I'm sure theres humour throughout this one...
some songs even have a Redneck thing happening in the music....
most of the world never really "got" Rob Zombie, Australia did, Canada did and the US did...
I did also, great artist, totally original in his approach to music and themes...


worst track: super doom hex gloom part one

best track: well, everybody's fucking in a UFO


1....the last of the demons defeated **
2....satanic cyanide!, the killer rocks on! **
3....the life and times of a teenage rock God ***
4....well, everybody's fucking in a UFO ***
5....a hearse that overturns with the coffin bursting open ***
6....the hideous exhibitions of a dedicated gore whore ***
7....medication for the melancholy ** the age of the consecrated vampire we all get high **
9....super doom hex gloom part one * the bone pie (instrumental) *
11..get your boots on! that's the end of rock and roll ***
12..wurdalak **

3s - 5
2s - 5
1s - 2

rating: 2.2
[Image: 220px-Fly_On_The_Wall.jpg]

AC/DC  "fly on the wall"  cd, 1985:

the band's tenth overall but fourth with Brian Johnson on vocals....
not their best album by a longshot...
Johnson's vocals are buried too far in the background on this one...
still a multi platinum seller for the band though...
despite the album sales 1985 was a bad year for the band, serial killer
Richard Ramirez got caught, citing some of the band's material as inspiration
for his crimes and the whole Anti-Christ/Devils Child BS...
liking every track on the album, just no real stand outs for me, and I guess the band
agree because they don't often play tracks from this pne live anymore!

my favourite:

[Image: 220px-Blowupyourvideo.jpg]

AC/DC  "blow up your video"  cd,  1988:

the band's eleventh and fifth with Brian Johnson....
album peaked at #2 in AU and UK, stalled at #12 Stateside...
still made 3x platinum in AU, and single platinum in US...
lots of fist pumping rock anthems on this one, probably more so than
any other album except "back in black"...
album was nominated for "best hard rock" Grammy in '89...
another solid consistent effort by the band


worst track: nick of time
best track: heatseeker


1....heatseeker ***
2....that's the way I wanna rock and roll ***
3...meanstreak **
4....go zone **
5....kissin' dynamite **
6....nick of time *
7....some sin for nuthin' ***
8....ruff stuff **
9....two's up **
10..this means war **

3s - 3
2s - 6
1s - 1

rating: 2.2
[Image: 220px-Rock_or_Bust.jpg]

AC/DC  "rock or bust"  cd,  2014:

Aussie band's sixteenth studio set, and most recent...
tenth with Brian Johnson on vocals....
first without Malcolm Young on rhythm guitar due to his dementia...
rhythm duties  are kept 'in the family' though, with Young nephew Stevie as replacement...
its also the shortest album of their career clocking in at just over thirty minutes...
stereotypical AC/DC riffs on this one..
surprised to find that this album went platinum all over the world proving their fans still buy
their albums after all these decades...
a good album anyway from a band that manipulated three chords in so many ways!


worst track: sweet candy
favourite track: rock or bust


1....rock or bust *** ball **
3...rock the blues away ***
4....miss adventure **
5....dogs of war ** some rock and roll thunder **
7....hard times **
8....baptism of fire **
9....rock the house **
10..sweet candy **
11..emission control **

3s - 2
2s - 9
1s - 0

rating: 2.1
[Image: 220px-Metallica_-_Load_cover.jpg]

METALLICA "load" cd, 1996

the band's sixth of ten, I own five or six...
this one just keeps on getting better with age IMO...
awesome stuff


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