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Some new music from the 'inspiration not imitation' or 'influence not impersonation' vein; The Necromancers** seem to have emerged directly from metal's primordial soup with the likes of Sabbath and Heap; had they been around in '70, their DNA would be found in nearly every child of the genre today.

**Dreadful name, but this is area has always been problematic for metal and hard rock bands who often seem inclined toward monickers that mirror the intrigues of a pubescent male mind.
[Image: 220px-Marilyn_Manson_-_The_High_End_of_Low.png]

MARILYN MANSON  "the high end of low"  cd,, 2005

the band's seventh....
criticised by the music media and fans alike and sales tanked here....
not as metal sounding as most of their other material, more alt-rock IMO...
songs have a personal touch to them, mainly being about Marilyn's divorce at that time...
nothing really great on this one, but for me theres also no filler, just as consistant album...
a very good album IMO

from the album, my favourite track:

[Image: 220px-Aclove.jpg]

ALICE COOPER  "love it to death"  cd,  1971
the band's third...
their sound is a more rock sound here, none of the psychedelic stuff that pops up on the previous two albums,
but I guess it is the nineteen-seventies by this time....
average album for me, I guess one of his early classics "im eighteen" is on it...
surprise for me was the cover of an old Rolf Harris tune from the early 1960s called "sun arise"...where the heck did
they get this one from because it wasn't even released in the US back in the day..strange...!
so, average album, with a couple of very good tracks in the mix:


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