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Trance/ Sub genres?
I'm very new to Trance. only been about a month in. i saw a youtube video with this song in it

Airwave - When Things go Wrong.

and it really struck a cord with me. after asking around i found out people were saying it was trance. but when i started looking up trance songs i was getting alot of similar, but different things. i found a, what i'm assuming is a sub genre of trance called "Melodic" trance. which is the closest. and being new i am wondering if there's anything closer.

As for the song/sound. i'm looking for something that sounds a bit like the video. it's got a sense of wonder for me. like, this is something i would listen to while exploring the world or even the universe. no lyrics. (i've heard some hums and such which added to the sound. those are fine) i really can't put it into words. i'm hoping other people just understand what i mean considering i just started really listening to this music

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