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Hey New Member and Music Blogger Here
Hey all!!

Just joined today and am looking forward to joining discussions on all things music.

I am a music blogger, struggling at time to keep up with it though I have a ton of ideas and I am hoping to get more feedback and ideas from others and perhaps meet others that may be interested in contributing at some point.

Me? I"m a married mom of a toddler and after having him, its been hard to find time for may little side creative projects. But I've always been obsessed with music and can discuss it for days. I'm hooked on Spotify right now and love creating different playlists.

Thanks for having me!
Welcome Smile
welcome lady
just do your blogging right here
I'm a Spotify fan also

Welcome to the site!
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
Welcome to MD...

I used to have Spotify on my old laptop, then I had to purchase a new laptop in July,
I loaded Spotify on my new laptop just yesterday.
I forgot to ask....
what music do you listen to and what music do you dislike?
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

CRAZY-HORSE Wrote:I forgot to ask....
what music do you listen to and what music do you dislike?

Ahhh, such a long list. So I grew up on R&B and hip hop but as I got older, I expanded into much more and I love a really wide range of music.

I'm into old school soul, Motown artists, 70's disco, pop, rock, alt, rock, I'm starting to get into EDM. Some jazz, classical, showtunes and some off-beat stuff like Squirrel Nut Zippers and Scissor Sisters.

What I dislike would probably be country though there are a few exceptions and new hip hop. I think I am just aging out of a lot of that stuff.
nice eclectic mix there...
CRAZY-HORSE Wrote:nice eclectic mix there...

Yeah I am a bit all over the place. :biggrin:

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