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Great Songs From a Movie
Hey gang!

I am currently working on a blog post about great songs featured in a movie and I would love your feedback. Mods, I hope this is allowed?

So the post is about great songs used in a movie that is not performed by a actor and which helps sets the scene in a memorable way.

Some of the songs I have included so far include:

People Are Strange / Echo & the Bunnymen in The Lost Boys

Bustin' Out / Rick James in Superbad

Auld Lang Syne / Dave Francis in Sex in the City

Bittersweet Symphony / The Verve in Cruel Intentions

The Kids Are Back / Twisted Sister in Jackass 3D

Try A Little Tenderness / Otis Redding in Pretty in Pink

Sister Christian / Night Ranger & Jessie's Girl / Rick Springfield in Boogie Nights

If you can think of some others, let me know!
In The Sorcerer's Apprentice Secrets by One Republic.
In The Proposal the opening song did work splendidly however I cannot remember it's name.
The songs used in under cover angel are similar but also similar in that I can't remember their names.
The best use of songs to establish emotion if you asked me isn't a movie at all. It's Eli Stone season 1

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