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Artist/Album Association Game
Let's give this a shot and see where it takes us.

Some basic rules.

I will start off with the name of an artist/group and album title.
The next poster must make a post of a different artist/group and album title that has a key word the same as a word in the previous post. You can't use the same artist/group in successive posts. That would be too easy.


Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon

So you have 5 key words to choose from there.
You can't use words such as of, the, to, a, I or any of those types of words whatever they are called. Some grammar expert can tell us.

A correct follow up post could be:

Pink - Funhouse or
Floyd Cramer - Plays The Monkees or
Nickelback - Dark Horse or
Neil Young - Harvest Moon

Got it?

You may use a variation of a key word such as
Darker for Dark or Moonlight for Moon.
an expansion of a word

You may not truncate words to get a match
or take a word and make it another word (e.g. from Moonlight to Light)
when possible let's go word for word

The game is not to stump everybody but to keep it going.
So when you post an answer, try to think of what a correct follow up post would be. If you can't think of one, try to come up with something else.
Then if no poster can come up with a response in let's say 1 day (24 hours) you should post a hint of the album you came up with and more if needed.
At least give someone one more chance before you post your follow up. After another 24 hours with no answer then go ahead and play with yourself.

Give it a go people. Might be fun.

Here is your starting album.

Whitney Houston - I Look To You

[Image: 41q3b7fN0NL._SL160_AA115_.jpg]

so you have 4 key words there and you cannot post another Whitney Houston album.

Jean Michel Jarre - In Concert Houston - Lyon
Keith Jarrett - The Köln Concert
very good guys - thanks

If nobody else has jumped in after awhile, I will pick it up.

A Classic Christmas - Toby Keith
Keith Richards - Talk Is Cheap

[Image: 51xU8n0SwkL._SL160_AA115_.jpg]

Frank Zappa - Cheap Thrills
Big Brother & The Holding Company - Cheap Thrills

Do I get a bonus score for matching two consecutive words in the correct order ??
Tiggi Wrote:Big Brother & The Holding Company - Cheap Thrills

Do I get a bonus score for matching two consecutive words in the correct order ??
lol, no way. That was too easy.
First thing I thought of when I saw trbc's post.
Didn't even know Zappa had an album called that.
See, I learned something already.
According to Henry Ford I will stay young.

Bad Company - Straight Shooter

[Image: 41Y2VQX4E0L._SL160_AA115_.jpg]


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