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Jackson Browne-Glen Frey tribute Grammys..
Pharmcat Wrote:Thanks for recognizing Glenn's passing. I'm a huge fan of the Eagles and Jackson. Wasn't a perfect performance as Jackson screwed up the lyrics a little at the end but I'm not complaining. He has sang this song a zillion times (he co-wrote and recorded it). He's just grieving over his lost friend. RIP Glenn.

Thank you Sis for clearing things up!
I knew there was a problem but I understand
that it must have been hard to do the tribute to his friend.
Sorry for the loss of your favorite Eagle!!
I like them too! I was upset when Robin Gibb died!

To CH, I am a fan of more than country.
I love Rock!
This is Vince Gill's tribute to Glenn. Not the best but at least he made a efford.
Actually Vince is about to cry I think. Must have been hard for him.
^^^ I'm not surprised. Sadly Vince is no stranger to this kind of picture.

God bless you and him always!!!

Listen to my most favorite singer here sometime, James Otto that is!

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