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Space ambient music
Today, finally have some free time and was watching movies on the space theme. So I decided to start space ambient music thread. Feel free to post your favourite tracks!
Here is the link for lazy people who doesn't like to click often and love long sets
I like some elements of this but those sampled orchestral drumming bits turn me off. Seems everyone is using the same samples these days. Otherwise very nice.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
Minute of relaxation in a hard monday
This is not ambient but I think has some space atmosphere [video=youtube;NzXrD1VEpFI][/video]
hearts of space is or used to be a radio station that played this genre - you can google it for a listing of releases - Slider by Bruce Kaphlan is one of my favorites

Our local community radio station has a weekly program called "Ambient Zone" featuring ambient music. Sometimes it's very relaxing and immersive, other times it's just noise to me - quiet noise maybe, but still noise.
Thank you for the hint R_burke! I`ll try it. (Don`t know why direct reply didn`t work)
One of my favorite tracks from techno and ambient guru Aphex Twin.
Currently listening to a podcast of the program I mentioned in an earlier post - the link is here:

Podcasts are left up for about one month after the broadcast date.

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