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new Neil Young "live album" details
you guys (and girls/ladies) know im a huge Neil Young an, right?
so anyway,
not only is he recording a new studio album with his latest backing band The Promise Of The Real
which features two of Willie Nelson's sons, but in june he has a new live album coming out,
which features his last studio album "the Monsanto years" live with several other tracks..
Neil is using overdubs and sounds like birds chirping etc throughout the 98 minute live disc..
so, heres the article if anyone is in the least bit interested...LMAO!

from NME-online.:

Neil Young has announced a new live album entitled 'EARTH'. Set to include recording's from last year's tour 'The Monsanto Years,' the album will also feature the previously unshared 'I Won't Quit'.

The album will also include highlights from Young's extensive discography, with new musical overdubs added to the mixes as well as a host of nature-inspired sounds.

According to a press release, bears, birds, crickets, bees, horses, cows, and "sounds of the earth" can all be heard throughout the album, juxtaposed with "city sounds" like car horns.

Young will be playing the album in its entirety on May 6, ahead of its release on June 17. He'll be treating fans to a performance at the Natural History Museum Los Angeles County, as well as discussing the construction of the record.

It will be his first ever album preview show; fans unable to attend will be able to listen to the audio streamed through his Pono service.

In a press release, Young described the album as "ninety-eight uninterrupted minutes," that stand "as a collection of 13 songs from throughout my life."

He continued that "our animal kingdom is well represented in the audience as well, and the animals, insects, birds, and mammals actually take over the performances of the songs at times." In an Instagram post, he said that the album "does not fit on iTunes."
They were big in the 70s....for five minutes,on a Saturday,after lunch..."  -  Me 2014.


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