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Top 5 Classical Composers
They are twentieth century classical composers. They can be both as the time you're born do not make certain styles of music impossible.
Ok, that's just snobbery. There are plenty of very talented composers that can rival those "master" both in the classical style and elsewhere.
It amazes me that in about half or more of these replies feature at least 2 of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Tchaikovsky. Except Tchaikovsky I consider these guys as nothing special but to each his own. Mine are:

Saint Saens
Takashi Yoshimatsu

And they are all classical composers. They're simply not from the classical era or very classicalist.
Music Head Wrote:Does this mean we have to have more genres?

No. The Classical Corral is big enough, expansive enough to include all these and more. I'd like to see fewer "genres"...and the ones we have re-aligned to more reflect reality: rap has no place with jump R&B and everything with the Beat poets (spoken word with musical accompaniment--some spoken word jazz fits comfortably here too and early Christian spoken/vocalized songs). Just for one example.
A man accustomed to hear only the echo of his own sentiments, soon bars all the common avenues of delight, and has no part in the general gratification of mankind--Dr. Johnson
What he said. Amen, Bro--JazzboCR
Bravo Jerome!!! I agree!!
I would bring the fact to another extreme...composing masterpieces takes talent, yes, but also great knowledge and great sacrifice. In those times they were far more idealistic and less hedonistic than we are today.
We live in an utilitarian era, with an easy consumption mentality.
And when one is materially full, one has little to say, to write, to paint, to compose. There is less creative drive.
Those times advocated the search for perfection as a scope of life. Do we today? No. Architecture? We look at the immediate use and not at the high aesthetics. Apart from a number of excpetions of course.
In those times they did not have TV, PC, video games and all these distracting pass times. The masters dedicated themselves body and soul to the pursual of their art. And they were not exactly getting rich from the activity, But nonetheless, they followed their calling.
Cogito, ergo sum...
Hello Semitone. Your choices are interesting.
I conincide (not as absloute favourites, for I have none) with Mahler, Vivaldi Debussy. Saint Saens slightly less, and Takashi Yoshimatsu a very interesting pick (contemporary).

But if one talks of contemporaries I may suggest a number of Others.

John Tavener for example. Morten Lauridsen another.
One or two score-writing soundtrack composers, Gabriel Yared for example. Or Howard Shore.

But asserting that Mozart, Beethoven and Bach are 'nothing special' is a bit too much. But to each his own, as you correctly declare.
Our likes and dislikes are extremely subjective.

I also like certain renaissance composers such as Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli. Palestrina. Monteverdi (late renaissance, mannerism, early baroque).
But 'classical' is an inexact term to encompass them all. Very inexact.
But remember, non-experts do not know many of these composers.
Are you a musician?
Cogito, ergo sum...
Top 5 classical composers are:-
Johann Sebastian Bach
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Giuseppe Verdi
Frederic Chopin

Dear friends,
Is this not a rather fruitless debate? Surely love of Monteverdi's Vespers does not preclude enjoyment of Wagner's Ring? I find it a little silly to ask about the "top five" here - we should be talking scoresConfusedmile: pun intended.


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