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Scott Walker "the childhood of a leader" OST
[Image: 51ONCAc75HL._AC_US160_.jpg]

Scott Walker "the childhood of a leader" OST

Spotify listen....

yes, it is half of The Walker Brothers...
instrumental album....
mostly classical with a bit of Avant-garde with a twist of experimental music
thrown in for good measure...
soundtrack is from the movie of the same name which is based on two novels/stories...
Jean-Paul Satra's "the childhood of a leader" and
John Fowle's "magus"...
ive got to admit ive not heard of either book, nor have I heard of John Fowle...
so, eighteen pieces of music on this OST, total time of cd is just shy of thirty minutes,
which means each track on average is less than two minutes, which incidently, is just long
enough as to not allow my mind to wander too far...
some nice pieces of music on here, some I just don't get at all, and some are simply repetitive...
not a bad listen though, better than most of the crap released at the moment

from the album:

[video=youtube;drxpGP2r4UM] AXvoHHzRcTgcae0Yi[/video]
Scott Walker is a very strange artist. His music has evolved through several different phases, and he is unrecognisable as part of the group that recorded "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore". He recorded an album in 2014 in collaboration with the drone metal band Sunn O))) (don't ask me how this is pronounced).

Steven Wilson is a great admirer of Scott Walker's later work, and there are, so I am led to believe, quite a few nods to Scott in some of Steven's more experimental tracks. Personally I find later Scott Walker difficult to listen to, I find myself thinking "Yes this is amazingly original, but I I don't like it much." That is also my feeling with some of Steven Wilson's more avant garde stuff, but fortunately I don't have that issue with the vast majority of his songs.

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