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Music For The Political Season
I'm not sure if I can post this kind of thread here or if the Chit Chat section is preferable, but I got an idea for a thread and I want to see what others think.

What are some songs you feel fit the current election and how you feel about it? Turn on the news and there's party fights, spreading of fear towards groups of people, Police Officers vs Protestors, ISIS attacks in the world, etc. Anything you think works is up to you and your opinion. I don't expect others to share the same political views and see these events the same way which is why I'm curious in the first place.

Radiohead - Burn The Witch

Radiohead's cynicism about the political climate is relatable, it's easy to become disillusioned when so much drama and division is going on. There are allusions to The Wicker Man story here that I connect to the election, JMO.

How about you?
General music thread is good mate...
Good idea for a thread...

My girl Gretchen Confusedmile:
Thanks. ^_^

John Lennon - Working Class Hero

I listened to this song last week and the current of anger and frustration over working class struggles resonates with me. I sometimes think about whether or not my generation will contribute to the failure of helping struggling people in our country, the poor, penny pinchers, etc. by making it worse for them or better than ever. That depends on what most people do NOW and not wait for the next generation(s) to fix everything when they grow up.

Hmm, who knows. Speculating doesn't help anything. But this song resonates with my feelings about this election on working class issues.
Hope this clip is OK Confusedmile: Politics was one of the main issues on AITF. That show was before it's time.
Archie singing God Bless America Confusedmile:

It's fine with me.
So true -
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.
Jerome Wrote:So true -
it's alright ma

Pennywise - Revolution

I swear I've heard this song before, but I can't place where from...maybe the radio? Anyways, off-topic.

This song is kind of obvious, things need to change and I'm sure for those like me who supported Bernie Sanders through the first half of the election feel unhappy about our choices for the election. Sigh, guess everyone will see what happens? That doesn't mean we shouldn't vote though.

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