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What Did You Buy?
^Good for you CH.
So liberating ... 
Stay strong!!
"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." ~ Bill Watterson
hey CH
do you have any fags left over you can send me?

Xmas giftcard purchases (so far)

[Image: 61CKdf5P9DL._AC_US218_.jpg]

MILEY CYRUS  "youger now"
never thought i'd ever buy anything by Miley, but this one from 2017 is pretty darn good IMO

[Image: 511p8N3woBL._AC_US218_.jpg]

EURYTHMICS "ultimate collection"

own a few of their singles from back in the day and a couple of their early albums on cassette
so I thought I should update...

[Image: 61Pi6vv9QeL._AC_US218_.jpg]

KINKS  "everybody's in show-biz"
two disc bonus set, second disc contains a load of previously unreleased tracks...

[Image: 220px-The_Future_Is_Medieval.jpg]

KAISER CHIEFS  "the future is medieval"
very good post-Britpop band, this is their fourth from 2011 which I don't own...

[Image: 220px-Lorde_-_Melodrama.png]

LORDE  "melodrama"
released earlier this year, didn't like it initially but subsequent listens on Spotify have changed my initial opinion

[Image: 220px-The_Essential_Redgum.jpg]

RED GUM  "the essential"
Aussie folky/political band from the early 1980s to the present...
only own a couple of singles but this thirty eight track, two cd compilation looked pretty good
in a discount bin...

[Image: 220px-A_Girl%2C_a_Bottle%2C_a_Boat.jpg]

TRAIN  "a girl, a bottle, a boat"
U.S alt rockers, latest album released in 2017...
love the band, wasn't overly rapped on the album initially, but like the Lorde one, it has
grown on me over subsequent listens via Spotify...
another giftcard purchase:

[Image: 220px-Revival_by_Eminem_cover.jpg]

EMINEM  "revival"
some more  giftcard purchases today, these ones were all " 3 for $20"

[Image: 51oHBYcUT7L._AC_US218_.jpg]

SAM COOKE "hits!"
a 21 track compilation, not the cover featured but I had to post one....
own a couple of vinyl albums but nothing on cd until now:

[Image: 614aUjNXk2L._AC_US218_.jpg]

KELLY CLARKSON  "greatest hits - chapter one"
one of the better modern vocalists IMO...

[Image: 413zLXTt5HL._AC_US218_.jpg]

JOHN FARNHAM  "whispering jack"
one from the mid 1980s that i own on vinyl but never got round to getting on cd...

another set of "3 for $20"  purchases:

[Image: 51TyRAShXmL._AC_US218_.jpg]

JAMIROQUAI  "high times - singles 1992 - 2006"
eclectic UK band whom I own nothing of for some reason

[Image: 41RD4lsVjxL._AC_US218_.jpg]

ANNIE LENNOX  "the annie lennox collection"
a good companion set to the Eurythmics compilation I purchased last week...

HARRY NILSSON "everybody's talkin' the very best of"

and the final "3 for $20" purchases:

[Image: 61-P7gPBVnL._AC_US218_.jpg]

RUN DMC  "its like this - the best of"
a double disc compilation...
was always a fan back in the day but never got round to buying anything

[Image: 61Aryy+aQKL._AC_US218_.jpg]

THE STRAY CATS  "the best of..."
US 1980s rockabilly group...
have their debut album on vinyl but that it...

[Image: 51AKWq29xoL._AC_US218_.jpg]

VANGELIS  "the best of"
know nothing of his music other than the brilliant "chariots of fire" theme...
thought I might make this one my "surprise" purchase for the year...
some second hand vinyl today, some from my formative years, some classics (or classic artists), and some I am not familiar with at all!

first up, ones I missed back in the day:

[Image: 220px-Turn_Back_the_Clock.jpg]   [Image: 51QLuPvaTXL._AC_US218_.jpg]   [Image: 220px-Dreamacademyalbum.jpg]

[Image: 220px-Barbra-streisand-guilty-album.jpg]    [Image: 220px-Rupert_Holmes_-_Partners_In_Crime.jpg]  


[Image: Stone-Poneys-Album-Cover.jpg]   [Image: James_Taylor_-_Mud_Slide_Slim_and_the_Blue_Horizon.jpg]   [Image: 220px-Judywildflowers.jpg]

[Image: 220px-The_Ballad_of_Calico_-_The_First_Edition.jpg]

and for a personal surprise: two that im not familiar with in the slightest:

[Image: 512I7nGhCzL._AC_US218_.jpg]   [Image: 51VXZGhjVaL._AC_US218_.jpg]
[Image: 51049O4jvTL._AC_US218_.jpg]

JOHNNY MATHIS  "the essential"
I realised when I posted a compilation on vinyl a few days ago that I didn't have anything by him on cd so I
bought this one today with my Xmas Gift Cards...
a two cd compilation containing 40 tracks...superb stuff, looking forward to unwrapping and playing it!
four more xmas gift card purchases today:

[Image: 615ASxckqgL._AC_US218_.jpg]  [Image: 51WeGSPaN4L._AC_US218_.jpg]   [Image: 51yvCSoe+SL._AC_US218_.jpg]

[Image: 61xuMvLu7BL._AC_US218_.jpg]
my last Christmas gift card purchases:

[Image: 61+K0N7hLJL._AC_US218_.jpg]    [Image: 51W26TCRs9L._AC_US218_.jpg]

and two secondhand vinyls:

[Image: 612EFG38NRL._AC_US218_.jpg]   [Image: 713Gg2fJ-PL._AC_US218_.jpg]

the first vinyl is Kingfish - "kingfish", featuring Bob Weir on vocals from the mid 1970s,

the second is Klaatu -"hope",ive heard of these guys but am not aware of their music.

so, two albums of unknowns, hoping the surprises will be pleasant ones!
pretty sure the second one will be


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