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Ghost Stories and Haunted Places
This story is about a house that I believe was haunted that my neice lived in.
I may have told it before but for Oceansoul here it goes.
My neice had reported to us that objects in the house would be moved around
so much she never found some of her stuff.
She said the front bedroom doorknob and fixtures would be laying on the floor
every morning apart.
The problem was a woman died in that room by the hands of her husband.
She ran him off because he was abusive. She changed all the locks in the house
to keep him out.
He came over one night and broke through the floor under the house and killed her.
Well, I was visiting my sister one day who lived across the street from my neice (her daughter).
I went over to the house of my neice to see what was going on there.
Me, my sis (who is Cathy), and her daughter went in the bedroom.
I talked to whoever was there to see if I could get a response.
The closet door was open and there was a monkey lamp sitting straight up on the shelf in the closet.
We went out and then checked the room again to see what we could find.
I looked around and then looked in the closet.
I asked Cathy and her daughter if they saw anything unusual. They said no.
I said look at the monkey lamp in the closet. It was laying down. Something had to have layed it down.
It could not have just fallen.
We went out again and started to go back in. I turned the knob on the door and it would not open.
I told my neice who was behind me the door was locked. She said it's not locked. I twisted it both ways
and said it is locked. I took my hand off the knob and put it back on the knob and it opened right up.
Cathy got scared and said I'm getting out of here.
The thing about it is when I opened the door I could see a woman and she said Hi.
Like she was glad to see me. I shut the door back and to this day I wish I had gone in the room.
We then went into the diningroom area and were talking just a little about what had happened.
Another thing that was sort of revealing is I told my neice what kind of southerner
says Hi like she did. I said she must have been from the north. She had a accent like she was from the north.
Well, her sister came over shortly. I had not told her about the woman's accent.
We were just talking and all of a sudden her sister said I heard she was not around here.
She said she heard the woman was from the north. I turned around and just looked at the her sister.
I believe that house was haunted.
nice story, weird to say the least....
does your neice still live there????
are things still 'moving'????

glad you found the "new thread" girl,
Glad you created this thread CH!!

My neice has moved since but, she has told us everywhere she moves strange things happen.
I was talking to Cathy on the phone of all times when her daughter came in Cathy's house.
I told Cathy no that's not right. All the houses could not be haunted. I said I think she picked up the entity of the woman and was taking it with her.
Cathy said which I did not hear her daughter just said the same thing.
It's not often I hear of someone seeing a ghost/spirit that up close. Usually there is an element of uncertainty about whether something is happening or not. Neat.
Enjoying reading the stories guys!! Come on MH let's hear your stories :biggrin:
That's a beautiful building CH!!
Admittedly, there is a skeptical side of me which feels the need to question even my own experiences and I think I get that from my Dad tbh, he's such a rational person. I have yet to see a spirit up close and I'll leave whatever I say up to personal interpretation about any stories I decide to share. Perhaps I'm just a highly sensitive person, but there are homes that I go to where it feels like I'm being smothered, or that I'm not safe there.

There are two homes I've been to where I get this feeling, one is a house a person dear to me lived in and it was such a loud house. You could hear footsteps going up and down the stairs which made me wonder if a member of the house was playing tricks on me or something else explainable. One time, I was in one of the rooms and my boyfriend and I heard someone knocking on the door so he opened the door and no one was there so he shut it, but the knocking continued a couple more times until the door swung open on it's own and we saw no one standing there, we looked at each other shocked.

There was no open window either so it wasn't the wind, okay that's weird I thought. :eek: Another time, the TV in the living room would be off and turn on by itself more than once and no one would be in the room. The house had a horrible back story, not sure I want to talk about it. According to the owner of the house, an abused girl died in one of the rooms and the Father killed her. :frown:
Intense about the girl and dad!!
How many knocks each time did the door knock Ocean?
I was typing about footsteps but you beat me to it. Now that is weird!!
About 3 or 4 times, I think. We checked to see who was knocking each time it happened and no one would be there. So we just decided to ignore any more knocks and it stopped for a few minutes then all of a sudden, the door swings open and him and I dart to the doorway....and there is no one standing there.

Knock, knock, who's there? Apparently no one :tongue:

Also his family members don't knock on doors, they just open them and barge right in so knocking is uncharacteristic of them.
The reason I asked is because in The Conjuring Ed said three knocks was meant to be a insult to the Trinity.
I was just wondering if that is how many knocks there were.
My family on both sides have stories. So I got it honest :laugh:

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