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What Are Your Favorite Stephen King Movies?
Mr. King looks bad here. Shocked me to see his weight loss.
He says he is not sick but I am wondering.
Seems toward the end of this video he is saying his characters haunt him.
He is a weirdo :laugh: but I love him.

I'm interested in hearing about your fave Stephen King Books/Movies and why you like them.

i noticed he lost weight after his accident in the late 1990s(I think it was the '90s anyway)....

ive read most of his books and seen most of his adaptations also...

best movies for me are:

1...Shawshank Redemption
3...Delores Clarborne
4...Green Mile
5...The Shining (the remake, not the Jack Nicholson original)
6...Stand By Me
7...The Mist

the restof his movies/miniseries are poor affairs IMO, bad acting, bad filming etc etc

as for book/novels/novellas:

1...Green Mile
2...Dr.Sleep (the sequel to the Shining)
3...Finders Keepers
8...Bag Of Bones
9...Delores Clarborne
10.Rose Madder

the problem I have with most his novels, especially over the last 25 yrs is that they either repeat themselves over and over again through the novel
or alternatively, have some stupid ending that involves some sort of bug, insect etc that is never explained at all and the general conclusions are rushed and not thought
out in a cohesive manner, its like he get o far in the story, decides hes only getting paid to write x-amount of pages and concludes the novel out of nowhere over a dozen pages,
sort of leaves me bewildered....
but I keep going back for more everytime he releases something new...

its a standing joke between me and Dani as to what insect will appear at the end of the novel or how long we can watch a movie of his before we start thinking about
switching it off (we've not done it yet but we've come close a few times)...

I saw an interview with King a while ago and he was saying:

I went into the local grocer in Bangor and an old lady kept eyeing me up and down as I walked down the isles,
eventually, she came up and asked me "are you Stephen King, the horror writer?", I replied "yes I am"...
she then replied "why cant you write something uplifting and positive as Shawshank Redemption instead of all that gory stuff?"
King replied "actually, I did write Shawshank", she retorted "theres no way you could write something as good as that", she then walked off.

and that sums up King for me....he is capable of writing great novels, but inbetween each really good one theres ten that are substandard.
same goes for his movies.
almost forgot, The Running Man wasn't a bad movie.

Misery and Delores Clarborne starred Cathy Bates....
she played the perfect psycho in Misery and the perfect down trodden/abused wife in Delores Clarborne,
if they ever made a movie from Rose Madder i'd like to see Cathy in the lead role.
Hm let's see, of his movies I liked: The Shining (original one), Carrie, It, Shawshank Redemption, and Pet Sematary. I haven't seen some of his other movies though.
Loved Secret Window!! Needful Things, Sometimes They Come Back, Sleepwalkers, Children Of The Corn,
Pet Semetary, The Shining, Salem's Lot, Misery, and Firestarter (filmed here ConfusedmileSmile.
Thanks for jogging my memory, Secret Window was pretty good also..

Needful Things, I liked the book better than the movie
CRAZY-HORSE Wrote:Thanks for jogging my memory, Secret Window was pretty good also..

Needful Things, I liked the book better than the movie
Yeah, I thought Johnny Depp was great in Secret Window Confusedmile:
A movie based on Stephen King's The Dark Tower series is in the works. Idris Elba is apparently starring in it so I will probably go see it. I don't know if any of you are into those books, but I'm just saying.

Also, IT is getting a remake and I have low expectations for it.
I never read The Dark Tower series of books, the whole magical/mystical genre doesn't interest me.

as for IT,
there will be two movies made, the first, scheduled for release this September centres around when the characters were children,
the second instalment will centre around them when they've grown up, as opposed to the original movie which incorporated both.

there is also a mini-series being made of the movie "the mist", loved that one, but the series will, IMO, just go round in circles and drag on and on.

i'd really like to see movies made of "mr Mercedes" and "finders keepers"
Ah, alright. I hope the new IT movies will be decent, at least. So far this version of Pennywise doesn't look very scary to me.

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