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What Are Your Favorite Stephen King Movies?
I never read the Stephen King "dark tower" series of novels but im looking forward to seeing the movie, heres the official trailer for it:

^ Oh cool, I definitely want to see that movie.
me too Ocean....
not sure if it will be a series of movies based on each book or whether they've combined the story of all seven books and made one movie, either way,
it looks pretty good to me
one strange thing with King, not a movie but a book...
his novel "mr Mercedes" released a few years ago started off with a stolen Mercedes plowing through and killing a number
of civillians, thus the killer was given the moniker of the title of the book...
at the end of the book the killer loaded himself up with explosives and attempted to blow himself and others up at a
concert attended by teenagers...
since the book was released, and by coincidence, terrorists have driven tracks etc through crowded streets taking people out
and now the Ariana Grande concert bombing, is that freaky or what????
With the books Mr. King has written seems to me he may have attached some psychic ability to himself.

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