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Will the real Roland Baumgartner please be identified (can you help?)
Dear Anyone.

I'm trying to track down (and legally purchase!) tracks by a modern classical/music library guy called Roland Baumgartner. He wrote a TON of tracks/CDs for Esovision/Palm's Jackpot/Arcadia Music and there's some absolutely stunning music amongst them.

Thing IS, he don't seem to have a website I can find. When I GOOGLE him I get two completely different pictures of two completely different guys, one of them older with white hair and a stubbly white beard, one much younger with jet black hair and a jet black bushy beard. (If this allows me to attach pictures, I'm going to attach one of each guy.)

First of all, and I know this doesn't help, I've no idea which of the two pictures is the RIGHT Roland Baumgartner. Are they father and son, or just two different composers with the same name? If the latter, which of the two was the library music composer? I flat don't know!

The younger one being interviewed is HERE:-

And I'm going to try to attach my only pic. of the older one. They're both old enough to be a program/music library composer. Neither of them seem to have a website, though the younger one's so flamboyant you'd expect to see his website with dancing graphics and 3-D movies of himself conducting mighty orchestras! (Managed to attach the pic. but if you can't see it - basically, if you think the YouTube one's wrong, it's GOTTA be the older one. So if you find anywhere saying 'Roland Baumgartner' with an older chappie with grey hair/stubbly grey beard, and you don't think it's the younger guy, you must have found the right one because I can't find any others!)

Please, could anyone help me spot the RIGHT Roland Baumgartner and (hopefully) help me find where to buy his awesome (on the whole!) music library MP3s/CDs from? I've been to the Arcadia website but you have to have a PIN number to use it and I can't work out how to get hold (legally!) of a PIN number for the site in the first place, yes I'm dumbass on using websites, have a laugh! If it helps, his best known (but IMHO not his best) album's 'Celestial Harmonies' on Esovision. (If you find any of his tracks, listen to his choral/choir work, there's a few tracks that leave you feeling like you've hit a wall of diamonds. You just don't wanna come down to Earth again, they're that good.)

I used to have his CDs but they got stolen and they didn't have his photo on anyway.

Yours hopefully


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