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First Music Show
4 years ago i had the chance to perform with the Arcangelo band(lille) from France
they spotted me and said that they want me as a part of their show, i was little bit anxious since it was my first great show, but at the end they were absolutely slapped because i had only 2 years of piano expérience at this time, i never get taught and i only learnt piano songs by my ears without any solfege (I wasn't able to read it at this time) ...
after that, i mad a lot of meeting with great pianist who healped to improve my "doigté" as we told it in french and more ...
i always wanted to know what cloud be the feeling of other people about that show, how did i managed my anxiety ? so i decided to post it on youtube.
Hope you will appreciate it if you do leave a like and share it as much you can, i'am preaparing new video so if you do want to see how did i evolved subscribe it will be more simple to follow me, thank you
video n1:
video n2:
I like it - very nice - and you handled it very well - you're a natural. Only 2 years experience!!! Excellent - you have a massive adventure ahead of you.
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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