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Music & Alcohol
Having been to a Reggae gig at the weekend, & being reminded how much the Unwashed love to get smashed for live music....

I've never really enjoyed the combination of music & alcohol, as booze dulls my senses too much. I'm prepared to concede that I'm in a minority here, but I'm curious to know what the rest of our community think.


Good music has a euphoric effect by itself. The handful of times we brought alcohol to a concert, I found it was more trouble than it was worth.

The worst part, as you suggest, is what alcohol does to "the Unwashed." It only takes a small percentage of irresponsible attendees to really make a mess of things.
I love listening to my favourite music while drinking.. same goes for a smoke..
I think it has a lot to do with a lot of shows being at bars.

But also the idea of having fun with your friends, kicking back and having a few drinks in the company of friends and good music.

As for the getting completely sloshed when going to see a band, well that part I don't get. Why go to all the trouble of going to see the band if you're not planning on remembering it.
Can't believe I forgot to respond to this post.

Anyway, I gave up on concerts many years ago, because I was going to hear music and most others were going to get drunk and party. Nothing against alcohol when used in moderation. To get sloppy drunk, I got over that when I got married and had kids. I prefer other means of relaxation. I live on a farm and harvest time was recently. I'm set for a good while. Again, in moderation.

Music Head Wrote:I prefer other means of relaxation. I live on a farm and harvest time was recently.

I see.

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I hate the people who find it necessary to get drunk before a show.

Someone got puked on at Escape The Fate... glad it wasn't me :wink:
What a model of sobriety we all are...
attracted by the title "Music & Alcohol", in fact I prefer to listen to my favourite music when i'm reading, soft music of course.:happy:
A bottle of Brunello 2006, an open fire and a masterpiece in the CD player is my thing. I go to the odd concert now and again but there are just too many wasted people at these things these days. I am getting old.......
'The purpose of life is a life of purpose' - Athena Orchard.

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