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Musician Deaths - 2017
JOHN WETTON (King Crimson/Asia):

aged: 67

Cause Of Death: Colon Cancer

heres the article from MSN:
Al Jarreau, a versatile vocalist who sold millions of records and won a string of Grammys for his work in pop and R&B as well as his first love, jazz, died on Sunday in Los Angeles. He was 76. His death was announced by his manager, Joe Gordon, who said that Mr. Jarreau had been hospitalized for exhaustion two weeks ago. On the advice of his doctors, he had canceled his tour dates and retired from touring.

highest charting single, from 1981


ROBERT FISHER (Willard Grant Conspiracy)

I have no idea who this guy is/was, but someone here may know of him or even be a fan:
I listened to a lot of music by Al during my addiction to jazz in the 80s ! Rest peacefully Brother Al.
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
Larry Coryell (jazz fusion instrumentalist)

aged 73
CRAZY-HORSE Wrote:Larry Coryell (jazz fusion instrumentalist)

aged 73

Completely forgot about Mr. Coryell. Great player. Saw him in the late 70s, I'm pretty sure with John McLaughlin. RIP.
Joni Sledge
aged 60
member of Sister Sledge:

only know a few of their songs but this is my favourite:

RIP CHUCK BERRY truly one of the GREATEST. 90. Hard to beat that.

I was fortunate enough to see him a few times. He'd play 40 minutes with the band the club would hire for him, walk off and be gone. At The Ritz me and many others jumped on stage at the end. I touched his guitar as he was walking off. Didn't make me a better guitarist.
yeh, Chuck was one of the originators of "rock and roll" guitar playing...
he influenced just about every kid who picked up a guitar right through till the 1980s, maybe others after that, im not sure...
Slash was the latest artist I remember who publically said CB influenced him.

saw him live around 1980, awesome gig, still ranks as one of my favourites...

I own a few 7" singles/ep's and a couple of compilation (vinyl and a double cd)

not his most famous tune but his only UK #1 hit from 1972, a novelty song with lots of innuendo's:

I LOVE My Ding A Ling. It was a favorite of my dad's also.

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