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all music
hi all ,i just joined this site,so dont know much about how it works,and im not too computer literate,.so sorry for any mistakes.i was brought up with music in my home as my dad could sing,(he sang like and as good as bing crosby).I remember him always singing when i was a child and a teenager,That i suppose gave me the appreciattion and love of music from a young age.As i got older and into my own music i use to run my favourates by my dad and he use to say it as it is,ie if they had talent he would say,if they didnt he would say,regardless of the genre of the music,and that gave me what i say is my biggest gift from my dad,ie dont give a negative comment on any musician or vocalist even if you dont particularly like there musical genre,ie as he used to say,they are either good or there not,and that is different to liking there type or genre of music.talent is talent regardless if you like it or not....I remember playing him some tunes and asking his commetts,They were terence trent darby,and LUTHER,He said,Ye they are good,To me that was the best recognition a musician o r vocalist could get,ie approval from my dad ,may i add that tho my dad could sing,i cant ,and neither can i play ,but i used to be able to dance when i was younger,or rather i thought i could,haha.i still think i can today,but just in my head know....
Welcome aboard the Great MD, Luther! Great story as your intro!
 The ultimate connection is between a performer and its' audience!
welcome Luther....

what music do you like to listen to?
Welcome to the forum Smile
thanks steveo appreciatte john lennons statment correct the man was a legend .
thanks milo87,appreciatte it.
thanks crazy-horse,appreciatte it.well i listen to all music that i consider to be good ,regardless of genre,.ie whitney,bach,stevie,luther,strauss,sting,beyonce,ella,arethea,jessie,tom.basically i just open my mind and listen,if its good then its good in my opinion.i try not to judge on genres,ye ive got my favourates as we all have but i beleive the best way to appreciatte music and what it does is to open your mind to it all,.simple.

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