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Nick Cave in Oz
i have tickets to see Nick et al in Sydney.
really excited, but I confess not too familiar with his work. I saw 20,000 days on earth and loved it.
i'll get Skeleton Tree, but Would like your opinion (s) on what would be his 'seminal' albums so I can get a handle on him and the band
Murder Ballads is my personal favorite
fellow member CRAZY-HORSE is the Cave expert here
I'm sure he will weigh in when he shows up

why, thank you MH!

welcome to MD...
yes, im a big fan, have all but maybe two or three of his career albums including Birthday Party and Grinderman albums...

personal favourites for me would be:

Henry's Dream
Abatoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus
Dig Lazerus Dig
No More Shall We Part
Murder Ballads

if you want some of his music that is a bit heavier on the guitars try the Grinderman albums.

I was not a fan of Push The Sky Away or Skeleton Tree, they did nothing for me...

ive seen Cave live twice, once with Bad Seeds and also with Grinderman,
preferred the Bad Seeds.
I thought Dig Lazerus Dig was probably the most commercial/radio friendly album he made, almost a "pop" album by his standards,
but really, anything prior to that is vintage Cave,
just remember, he is not a singer but like Dylan/Cohen he is a poet who puts music to words.

I also received your PM, but I chose to answer your questions in the thread instead.
Nick Cave is a musician who I respect rather than enjoy. I couldn't stand his Birthday Party era, hence I avoided him like the plague until by chance I heard a couple of tracks off Henry's Dream.

I like a few songs: Henry's Dream, Straight to You, Red Right Hand, Where the Wild Roses Grow... but most of the time he seems either too bogged down in gloomy atmospherics, as on the latest album, or too - well, loud, for want of a better term.
i agree about Birthday Party, hated them back in the day with a passion but when I got "into" his Bad Seeds material I thought I would revisit them,
bought three albums cheap at a second hand store and apart from liking a couple from each album I haven't gone back...

cant blame him for being too "gloomy" on the latest album though as he wrote most of it in the first couple of months after his son died after that tragic
fall 'to his death'....

and they don't call him the "prince of goth" for nothing.

simple fact is, you either like his material or you don't, you either warm to him or you don't, much like Dylan and Cohen,
and with those two also, I have found people tend to like all three artists or only the odd track by each, which I suspect bores down to their vocals
more than anything else.

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