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Alreet everyone Smile Im a guitarist in a alt/proggy/post rock band and work in a venue and am constantly hammered with loud shite. Working until late i always get a few hours listening after a shift and sometimes come stuck with how to find new (to me, not necessarily current)

Any way ive recently been on a little Brad Mehldau binge and favourites of that ilk such as Go Go Penguin and Portico Quartet. Due to a post on here im thoroughly enjoying 'Younger Brother' - of whom i was not previously aware of. Im trying to find a song by Acoustic Ladyland, i assumed it was their most well known but cant seem to find it. Its the proper tight verse riff, three notes (dum-de-dummmm) with a dirty sax part, which becomes a delightful chorus melody.
I confess my ignorance. I have never heard of any of those acts, with the exception of Younger Brother - and the only reason I know that name is because someone ripped a CD for me (not of Younger Brother, an album by someone else), and the spare CD case they put it in happened to be a YB case.

How would you describe the music of these artists? To start with, what genre would you place them in? Hip hop? Trip hop? Trance? Rock? etc. (I am guessing not rock.)
first up, welcome to MD

secondly, like bob_32, I have not heard of the artists you mention?
Portico and Go Go.... are both of a similair jazz ilk. Both driven by double bass/tight-beat rhythm sections with the former opting for a Saxaphone lead and latter piano, which makes them a great pair if bands to listen to together. Brad Mehldau is superhuman! End of. His ear and creativity blossom as he covers popular contemporary classics in a unique style in which he can haunt you with a wonderful dissonance. Spectacular at night.
As for Acoustic Ladyland, they're a uk outfit which blend a more grungy/punk undertone to a predominantly progressive jazz band. Again, AWESOME.

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